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Hollywood Records Artist Roster

A list of all the artists currently signed to DMG's Hollywood Records. this includes all imprints and sub-labels including Mammoth Records, Lyric St. Records and Hollywood Basic. All information was sourced from the labels official website www.hollywoodrecords.com

Correct as of August 2012

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  1. Pop punk, Synthpop, Pop music

  2. Pop music, Rock music, Heavy metal

  3. Hip hop music, Country pop, Pop music

  4. Indie pop, Blues-rock, Synthpop

  5. R5 (band)

  6. Adult contemporary music, Bubblegum pop, Synthpop

  7. ;
  8. Pop punk, Anti-folk, Pop music

  9. Nu metal, Heavy metal, Post-grunge

  10. Pop music, Dance-pop, House music

  11. Cherri Bomb

  12. Redlight King

  13. Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Rock music

  14. Mc Clain Sisters

  15. Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Pop rock

  16. Coco Jones

  17. Stefano Langone Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues

  18. Zendaya Coleman

  19. Lucy Hale

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