Hollywood's 10 Best Smiles People

Hollywood's 10 Best Smiles

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What's it take to make it in Hollywood? Looking at these celebs, one might say a beaming smile! Hollywood always leads beauty trends, and has made whiter-than-white teeth a popular norm, but the addition of healthy gums, straight teeth and a positive attitude help these celebs top our "Best Smiles" list. From a biological perspective, shiny teeth and healthy gums indicate a healthy potential mate that will pass good genes on to your offspring. From an aesthetic perspective, who doesn't love a beautiful smile? If you know that you're looking and feeling your best when you have a laugh with friends, it can up your confidence in so many ways. However, if you're feeling not so great about your own smile, you may be hesitant to laugh it up with your pals. If you think your smile is in need of an update, call your local medical professional to find your options out! A nice smile is easier to obtain if you take the right steps: brush, floss, and go easy on the coffee, and you too can be smiling like the stars!
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    Rachel is constantly changing her look- shifting from blond to brunette to red head as needed. The one thing that doesn't change is her radiant, healthy-looking smile! 
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    Jessica never takes a bad picture with her gleaming, perfectly proportioned smile, that's able to take her from sexy bad girl to sweet and wholesome with just a flash of her teeth.
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    Megan may not be best known for her smile since she has so many gorgeous attributes....but her smile is as stunning as the rest of her!
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    Matt's famous Jason Bourne character doesn't get the chance to smile a lot, but Matt, who is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, is blessed with a super-white grin and very natural looking teeth. 
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    This pretty woman may be best know for her trademark smile and laugh.  She attributes her shining smile to a trick from her grandfather- brushing her teeth with baking soda.
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    As Eva seamless transitioned from modeling to acting, we learned she not only has a great figure, she has a great smile too! 
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    Jake has played some strong, silent types over the last few years....be we really love it when he lets loose and smiles! It's a shame that his pearly whites have to be hidden under that Spiderman mask...
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    Could you imagine a real president with a smile like Blair's? The Event star has looked consistently sexy over the years, charming his fans with his warm smile. 

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