Hollywood's 10 Best Smiles People
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Hollywood's 10 Best Smiles

What's it take to make it in Hollywood? Looking at these celebs, one might say a beaming smile! Hollywood always leads beauty trends, and has made whiter-than-white teeth a popular norm, but the addition of healthy gums, straight teeth and a positive attitude help these celebs top our "Best Smiles" list.

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    Who can resist that mega-watt smile? The ever-handsome Cruise wasn't always so perfect, however! Nearly 10 years ago he turned to braces to help straighten his grin. Need braces? Learn where you can get braces you can afford. http://patients.nuehealth.com/dental

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    this pretty woman may be best know for her trademark smile and laugh. Looking for a smile like Julia's? Chat with us about a smile makeover: 866-978-2573.

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    The handsome young Twilight star knows how to put his best face forward! Taylor's winning smile could be your too...with a little help. Veneers and crowns can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. Visit http://patients.nuehealth.com/dental.

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    Rachel is constantly changing her look- shifting from blond to brunette to red head as needed. The one thing that doesn't change is her radiant, healthy-looking smile! To get the same look, try teeth-whitening. Call Leslie at 877-505-5303 x 119 for your quote.

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    Could you imagine a real president with a smile like Blair's? The Event star has looked conistetnly sexy over the years, charming his fans with his warm smile. Does your smile need an update? Consider making a change: http://www.slideshare.net/HealthTravelGuide/about-dental-veneers

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    Megan may not be best known for her smile since she has so many gorgeous attributes....but her smile is as stunning as the rest of her! Visit http://patients.nuehealth.com/dental to learn how you can afford the dental care you need.

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