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Horrible Bosses Quotes

Looking for some of the best 'Horrible Bosses' movie quotes? Here's your list! Feel free to vote for your favorite 'Horrible Bosses' quotes - and to add your own. And if you missed this movie in the theater, no worries: The 'Horrible Bosses' DVD was set for release on October 11, 2011!

This 2011 comedy features an all-star cast led by the hilarious Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. Each of these men work for terrible bosses, played with equal hilarity by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell. What can Nick, Kurt and Dale do about their no-good employers? Together, come up with a plan: Hire a hit man to take each boss out. As one might expect, things don't go very smoothly.

Not surprisingly, 'Horrible Bosses' did pretty well at the summer box office. The movie took in more than $28 million during it's opening weekend and, as of early-September 2011, had raked in more than $115 million in ticket sales in the U.S.

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    Meet Mother F**ker

    Dean 'MF' Jones: "I think I can help you boys."
    Kurt: "Are you a businessman?"
    Dean 'MF' Jones: "Mother F**ker Jones."
    Dale: "Your first name is 'Mother F**ker'?"
    Dean 'MF' Jones: "My real name is Dean."
    Nick: "Dean Jones. That's the same name of the actor in 'Herbie and the Love Bug.'"
    Dean 'MF' Jones: "I know who he is bitch. I can't walk around this f**kin neighborhood with that Disney-ass name."

    Jamie Foxx, as MF Jones, doesn't pull any punches with the guys. He also has serious issues with his name.
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    Wet Work

    Dale: "Your ad said you do wet work?"
    Not the Hit Man: "I urinate on other men for money. Why else do you think my ad was in a 'Men Seeking Men' section."
    (argument breaks out between Nick, Dale and Kurt)
    Dale: "We are men, looking for a man!"

    So. You hire your very first hit man to whack your bosses - great! Now the bad news: He's going to pee on you, not kill your employer.
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    Goodbye, Gam-Gam

    Nick: "You know that last month you made me work so late that I missed saying goodbye to my Gam-Gam?"
    Dave: "I'm sorry, what?"
    Nick: "My grandmother. I told you that I needed to see her because she was very, very sick. You said if I left early I'd get fired - and she died before I made it to the hospital."
    Dave: "I'm sorry."
    Nick: "Thank you."
    Dave: "I had no idea that you called your grandmother 'Gam-Gam.' (laughing hysterically) "Sorry. Sorry that you didn't get to say bye-bye to Gam-Gam..."

    Kevin Spacey's horrible boss, Dave, will likely resonate with many who've been stuck in a bad job with no nope of getting out. Here's hoping he gets what's coming to him. For Gam-Gam!!
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    Earn the Promotion

    Dave: "You want one?"
    Nick: "It's 8 o'clock in the morning."
    Dave: "It's 18-year-old Scotch - you want a promotion, you gotta earn it."
    Nick: (downs Scotch)

    You think your boss is crap? How about Dave (Kevin Spacey), who forces Nick to drink earrrrrrrrrrrrrly in the morning, basically assuring him it'll earn him brownie points toward a promotion. Does he GET the promotion? No. No, he doesn't. At least he got a nice taste of fine Scotch? He may need more.
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    James Bond

    Kurt: "He looks like James Bond!"
    Dale: "He really does, dude! I bet he carries one of those guns that you screw together...like the coolest guns they make, man!"
    Nick: "This is so dangerous - what if that's an undercover cop? Or better yet, what if it's the real thing and he charges so much money, we can't afford it, he gets pissed off and kills us!"
    Dale: "That's not gonna...he kills one of us?! Hold on - could that happen?"
    (Not a Hitman knocks)
    Nick: "Gotta let him in now."
    Kurt: "How's my hair?"
    Nick: "What do you mean, how's my hair?!"
    Kurt: "It doesn't matter...okay, let's do this."

    Yeah um, these guys just can't catch a break. Dale hires this so-called "hit man" - and yeah, they should be worried. Not for the reason you think, however....
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    Sexual Harassment

    Dale: "At least your boss isn't sexually harassing you."

    Really Dale, come on, sexual harassment is certainly a serious matter - but at least your boss is Jennifer Aniston. How bad could it really be?
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