Hot Adam Scott Photos

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The best photos of Adam Scott, the American actor best known for his role as Ben Wyatt in NBC's Parks and Recreation. The actor, who graduated from Los Angeles's American Academy of Dramatic Arts, has appeared in numerous television and film projects, including a part in Piranha 3-D, a cameo in Knocked Up, and guest starring roles on Six Feet Under, Boy Meets World, and Eastbound and Down.

The hottest Adam Scott pictures from around the Web, including Adam Scott shirtless pics and Adam Scott muscle pics. Covering the entirety of Adam Scott's career, including modeling and headshots and great pictures of Adam Scott's abs, this is a rankable list of all of Adam Scott's sexiest looks and moments. This includes images of Adam Scott dressed down in plainclothes, and also Adam Scott in a suit (and possibly even some nearly nude Adam Scott shots as well!) Enjoy this collection of the best of Adam Scott images.

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