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The best photos of Colin Firth, the English actor best known for his Oscar winning role as King George VI in The King's Speech. After appearing in several British film and television productions, Firth gained popularity with a wider audience with his portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the mini-series Pride and Predjudice. The swoon factor increased ten fold after his first appearance as Renee Zelwegger's love interest in the Bridget Jones's Diary series of movies. The critically lauded actor is just as sexy with his clothes on as off, as noted on the TV show 30 Rock where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) noted "That man can wear a sweater".

The hottest Colin Firth pictures from around the Web, including Colin Firth shirtless pics and Colin Firth muscle pics. Covering the entirety of Colin Firth's career, including modeling and headshots and great pictures of Colin Firth's abs, this is a rankable list of all of Colin Firth's sexiest looks and moments. This includes images of Colin Firth dressed down in plainclothes, and also Colin Firth in a suit (and possibly even some nearly nude Colin Firth shots as well!) Enjoy this collection of the best of Colin Firth images
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