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Hot James Marsden Photos

The best photos of James Marsden, the American actor best known for playing Cyclops in three films in the X-Men franchise. The actor, who was once a model for Versace, attended Oklahoma State university to study broadcast journalism, but dropped out to move to Los Angeles and pursue acting. His breakthrough role was opposite Rachel McAdams in The Notebook where he played Ryan Gosling's romantic rival.

The hottest James Marsden pictures from around the Web, including James Marsden shirtless pics and James muscle pics. Covering the entirety of James career, including modeling and headshots and great pictures of his abs, this is a rankable list of all of James Marsden's sexiest looks and moments. This includes images of him dressed down in plainclothes, and also in a suit (and possibly even some nearly nude shots as well!) Enjoy this collection of the best of James Marsden images!

What are the hottest James Marsden photos? This list will answer that question.
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    James Marsden in Minimum Quilted Long Sleeve Shirt

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