Hot Johnny Depp Photos

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The best photos of Johnny Depp from around the Internet. From 21 Jump Street to Dark Shadows we've watched Johnny Depp grow hotter over the years. He can put on makeup, crazy costumes, and strange accents but one thing that's never hidden is just how sexy Johnny Depp is.

This list of Johnny Depp pics includes shots of Johnny Depp shirtless, as well as Johnny Depp muscle photos, and images of Johnny Depp's great abs. The attempt is to make a rankable list of all of Johnny Depp's most sexy moments, images and looks, whether they feature Johnny Depp in just jeans and a T-shirt, or Johnny Depp in a suit, or even Johnny Depp near-nude! Enjoy this compilation of Johnny Depp's sexiest photos, and also check out and .
Collection Photo:  Lou Brutus
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