The 26 Hottest Non-Nude Pictures of Lexi Belle Anything
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The 26 Hottest Non-Nude Pictures of Lexi Belle

My biggest crush in the adult film industry, by far, is Lexi Belle. She's among the nerdiest, cutest and all around pretty girls in p*rn. So here's a list of the greatest, harder-to-find, rare pictures of Lexi Belle fully clothed, non-nude and in various stages of being awesome. Lexi Belle's Twitter pictures, or "Twitpics", are well-known to be teases for either her upcoming films or just a way to build up her social media presence. 

These are the hottest Lexi Belle pics the internet has to offer, from Lexi in lingerie, to Lexi in a bikini, or just photos of Lexi Belle eating food with friends (from her Instagram @omgitslexi). She's not only on the adult film A-List in my book, but she's a veteran that will go down in history as one of the greats. 

Here's to the beautiful, adorable and gorgeous Lexi Belle. Pictures ranked in order of hotness, based on votes. They're all amazing photos in this gallery, but only the absolute best pics of Lexi Bellel will hit the top/front of the list, so vote wisely. 

And now, the greatest hot photos of Lexi Belle, the girl-next-door of real adult films. 

You can find the Lexi Belle Twitter account at @OMGitsLexi

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