The Hottest Actresses Who Have Played Strippers

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List of sexy celebrities and movie stars who have taken it off on film. There is a long, proud history of hot strippers and striptease scenes in movies and television. In fact, some of the most infamous and celebrated nude and erotic scenes in film and TV history are set inside strip clubs. Several series have even made strip clubs a central location, from "The Sopranos" famed Bada Bing club to Orlando's from "The Wire." This list collects photos of some of the hottest stripper performances in film and TV history, from some of the sexiest actresses of today and yesteryear.

For modern audiences, there are really 3 stripper performances that - good or bad - have been elevated to an iconic level. The first is Demi Moore's turn in "Striptease," an adaptation of Carl Hiassen's novel about a struggling single parent whose temporary stripper job leads her into a web of political corruption. The film became notable mainly because of Moore's record-shattering $12.5 million salary for the role - at that time, the most an actress had ever been paid to make a single film. Elizabeth Berkley also famously starred in "Showgirls" only one year earlier for director Paul Verhoeven. This role in the notorious movie - which had developed a considerable cult following in the ensuing years - totally upended the actress' previous teen starlet image from years starring on "Saved by the Bell," and essentially killed her career. And speaking of dead careers, Lindsay Lohan's turn as a stripper suffering some sort of mysterious split-personality/amnesia disorder in "I Know Who Killed Me" also stopped her career dead in its tracks. These are without a doubt some of the hottest strippers to ever grace the silver screen! Who do you think are the sexiest strippers in movie history?

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    There are two things you need to know about the 2009 film Powder Blue: 1) It marks Patrick Swayze's last time on the big screen, 2) It features Jessica Biel working the pole in black lacy lingerie, a white corset, a sassy pink bobbed wig, and all sorts of crazy gravity-defying positions.

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    Dish Dogs (2000) is a direct-to-video rom-com that stars Matthew Lillard. Is that all you need to know about it? Well, yes, except that Shannon Elizabeth is also on the cover of the DVD in a black bikini. She does a James Bond-style striptease in tall boots, and while she doesn't show any more of her naked body than she did in American Pie (because there's nothing left), there is something to be said for leaving a little to be desired.

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    How did the guys of Dogma (1999) know that Salma Hayek was my muse? Celestial Serendipity got herself a corporeal body so she could get credit for her work. Then she put on a mix of hot-for-teacher horn-rimmed glasses and girl-next-door pigtails and satin underwear and danced around for me and the boys. It was nice.

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    Closer (2004): In one of the most uncomfortable movies you could ever watch with your parents, Natalie Portman, in only a metallic thong and fringey bra thing, squats all spread-legged in front of luckiest-man-alive Clive Owen. Oh, to be the dollar bill in that garter belt. This is exactly what I imagine the little girl in The Professional grew up to be.

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    Ever since she skated around naked in Boogie Nights (1999), the world waited with bated breath for Heather Graham to shed her clothes again. Twelve years later, The Hangover delivered... kind of. Though a stripper and escort by trade, Graham's character exposes nary a nipple as she breastfeeds that mysterious baby - but a few hot shots of her in her work attire make up for it at the end up the film.

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    In the movie Sin City (2005), Jessica Alba gyrates in slow motion for what feels like a whole minute. She doesn't take off her clothes, and this is the only time you see her do this in the movie, but still, every man on the planet went apesh*t. What else do you expect from graphic novel nerds? This is one of the hottest scenes in any movie ever. I'm no expert (yes I am), but I think Jessica Alba could probably be an IRL stripper.

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    Long before she posed for Ashton Kutcher's Twitpics / divorced him, Demi Moore shocked critics and won the Golden Raspberry for the 1996 "sex comedy" Striptease. Wait, who cares about her acting? She was HOT. A former FBI secretary (lol), Moore's character's best act involves stripping from a full business suit down to just about nothin but sequins.

    The more you know: This was the sixth time Moore was topless on film.

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    In 2009, Eva Amurri appeared in "Californication" as a young sexy stripper named Jackie. Despite the pleas of Hank Moody (David Duchovny), Amurri gets topless on screen as she works the stage, and for that, I am grateful.

    Did you know that Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter? 

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