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The Hottest Australian Actresses

The sexiest and most beautiful Australian actresses in the world with photos. Is it something they put in the water? It seems like Australia has more hot women per capita than any other country in the world. Or maybe we just see the best ones in movies and film... All the hot Australian actresses on this list were either born in Australia or come from Australian descent. They are mostly blonde, and they are mostly wearing (very small) swimsuits and splashing about in the waves. Many also model. These Australian sheilas are sexy and talented (well, not all of them are necessarily talented) and are either on the big screen or small screen. Actually, most of them were probably on "Neighbours," which they pronounce like "naaay-buhs." Either way, these are very sexy Australian actresses. Vote up the ones you would like to see more often.
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    Birthplace: New South Wales, Australasia, Campbelltown, Australia
    Nationality: Poland, Australia
    Characters: Freya Lewis, Suzie
    Yvonne Strahovski : see more

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