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The 28 Hottest Gwen Stefani Photos

The hottest pictures of Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of OC punk band No Doubt. Born and raised in Southern California, Stefani is a spunky ball of talent and fashion. Not satisfied to be the front woman of a multi-platinum selling band, Stefani created the L.A.M.B. (Love. Angel. Music. Baby) line of clothing, perfume, and accessories AND released her own solo albums which are also certified multi-platinum. Not one to take it easy, Stefani has also appeared in films including The Aviator with sexy co-stars Kate Beckinsale and Cate Blanchett. The film was considered one of Martin Scorcese's best movies and Gwen looked extra hot as Jean Hawlow.

Photos of Gwen Stefani, one of the hottest girls in entertainment. There are few girls out there as sexy, nerdy, fun and talented as Gwen Stefani. The best pics in this Gwen Stefani photo gallery are ranked according to their hotness. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Gwen Stefani pictures, ranked by hotness.

Are you the world's biggest Gwen Stefani fan to know her bra and breast size, and measurements? These Gwen Stefani pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. While there are many sexy Gwen Stefani photos, these are the hottest around. Gwen Stefani's measurements and bra size are 33-25-34 inches (84-64-86 cm) and 32A.

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