The 30 Hottest High School Girls (Played by Actresses 20+) Fictional Characters
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The 30 Hottest High School Girls (Played by Actresses 20+)

List Criteria: Fictional High School Girls Only. Add the Actress and Her Age as Well.

Nothing rings more real, true, or honest to a teenager than a perfect coming of age movie set in High School. How many of these movies did we watch growing up that made us feel like we belonged? That made us love these High School teams we didn't actually belong to? That made us feel that everyone on screen was JUST like us? And sometimes most importantly that if that guy could end up with that hot high school girl who was just like the one in OUR school then maybe, just maybe, we should totally go for it.

Well folks a lot of the time those perfect, iconic, gorgeous high school girls weren't just like the ones in our schools. Sometimes they weren't even teenagers anymore, but somehow I don't think teenage me would mind all that much.

Here are 30 iconic High School roles as played by Actresses in their 20's.

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    Megan Fox (Transformers- Age 20 while filming the first Transformers)

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