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The Hottest Italian Actresses of All Time

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A list of over 50 of the hottest Italian actresses of alltime with photos (and aren't all Italian actresses hot?). These are Italian actresses famous for being beautiful just as much as they are for their acting. This list of Italian actresses includes famous Italian actresses such as Isabella Rossellini and hot Italian actresses such as Monica Bellucci. Obviously some of these actresses were born in Italy and have since achieved fame in the USA or other countries. I made this list of beautiful actresses from Italy because, frankly, they are all hot. Feel free to vote for your favorites. Famous Italian actresses have been with us since the dawn of cinema. I also included historical actresses including some deceased because beauty is timeless, and I wanted the list to not just focus on today's babes. But enough reading, let's get to the photos on this top Italian actresses list.
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    Born: 1962
    Date Born: 1962
    Birthplace: Europe, Eurasia, Italy, Southern Europe, Province of Pistoia + 3 more
    Nationality: Italy
    Characters: Clara, Anna Maria, Dora Di Virgilio, Giuliana, Lea Mami + 1 more
    Margherita Buy : see more

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