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Photos of Larissa Riquelme, one of the hottest girls in entertainment. Larissa Riquelme is an actress and model from Asunción, Paraguay, best know for her feature photo celebrating a goal during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, for which she was named "World Cup's Girlfriend." She is the face of Axe deodorant in Paraguay, and fans saw Larissa Riquelme naked running through the city wearing the Paraguay football team colors as body paint. Riquelme appeared in the 2010 issue of Playboy Brazil and has been on the Argentinian dancing TV show "Bailando por un Sueño."

There are few girls out there as sexy, nerdy, fun and talented as Larissa Riquelme. You can vote on the hot pics in this Larissa Riquelme photo gallery to move your favorites to the front of the list. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Larissa Riquelme pictures, ranked by hotness.

These Larissa Riquelme pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. While there are many sexy Larissa Riquelme photos, these are the hottest around.

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    Larissa Riquelme in Metallic Banded Thong

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    Larissa Riquelme in Summer Banded Bikini

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    Larissa Riquelme in Bombed Shell Pudded Bra

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    Larissa Riquelme in Polka Dot Lace Bikini

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    Larissa Riquelme in Fur Blazer Top

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