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Hottest Latina Celebrities

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    1972 #1 Reason to watch modern Family. She just exudes sex appeal.

  2. 2

    1918 Gotta put an original Latina Beauty on the list. During the 30's and 40's was one of the ...

  3. 3

    1982 Fell in love with her last year in track and Field Championships. Is Javelin thrower from ...

  4. 4

    1980 Gotta love the imports from Brazil. AllI can say is Tom Brady is one lucky dude.

  5. 5

    1981 Sexy with a little innocence thrown in. Dominican goddess. (Bad taste in men though). also a ...

  6. 6

    1973 Fellow Borinqua. Gorgeous, and married. Damn. I love her accent and she has a sexy nose.

  7. 7

    #6 on the original list 1977 Hmm Hmm Hmm. Best thing to come out of Columbia since, well since ever. I can't watch her ...

  8. 8

    1978 This Dominican domino is sexy personified. Has a certain glow about her that makes her so damn ...

  9. 9

    1978 Another Puerto Rican/Domincan beauty. Seems to get sexier as she gets older. Look at her now ...

  10. 10

    #3 on the original list 1966 The Mexican Queen. Just watch the scene is From Dusk til Dawn of her dancing and try to ...

  11. 11

    #4 on the original list 1975 The sexiest Housewife ever!!!! What was Tony Parker thinking. Has some innocence to her ...

  12. 12

    1979 A Puerto Rican/Cuban mix. Love her outfits in Sin city, and she has one of the sexiest looks ...

  13. 13

    1975 Not a big reality show fan, but Ochocinco did pick a hottie. She is sexy, can give off a ...

  14. 14

    1974 Us Latino's Madonna with her sexy ass mole. Has some of the most hypnotizing eyes ever.

  15. 15

    #1 on the original list 1969 Has lost some of her sex appeal. But as long as she has those "assets" she will ...

  16. 16

    1972 Cuba's loss is USA gain. Not as overly sexy as others, and maybe not as Gorgeous, but ...

  17. 17

    1987 If you don't know her from Glee, start watching reruns. Very talented and exotic demeanor.

  18. 18

    1966 Show me many women in their mid 40's who still look this good. Go back and check her out in ...

  19. 19

    #5 on the original list 1974 Would be higher if not for that nose. I think she's sexy, and I love hearing her speak. I ...

  20. 20

    1961 Power is SEXY!!!! She's 50, and is still sexy. I love redheads and this Cuban import can ...


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