The Hottest Love Scenes of 2011 Films

The Hottest Love Scenes of 2011

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The hottest love scenes of 2011 offered movie and TV fans romance and, of course, sex. What are the best sex scenes from 2011? From Edward and Bella's headboard-breaking honeymoon scene in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' (yes, one of us had to see that) to the hilarious hookups in 'Bridesmaids,' the year brought a variety of different types of sexy to the big and small screen. The hottest TV show love scenes included 'True Blood's' Sookie/Eric coupling, 'Game of Thrones' (Khal Drogo and Khaleesi's scenes come to mind) and Vivien Harmon's sex with, well, someone in a rubber suit! Behold, my list of the hottest love scenes of 2011. See a favorite hot show? Vote it up! And please, definitely add your favorite if I haven't included it on the list.

2011 was a bit more tame overall, compared to 2010's super-sexy love scenes in movies like 'Black Swan,' 'Love and Other Drugs' and 'Blue Valentine.' There are some standouts, including Leighton Meester and Danneel Harris' smoking hot makeout session in the horror-thriller 'The Roommate' and pretty much every scene with Michael Fassbender in Steve McQueen's erotic drama 'Shame.' My personal favorite: 'Friends With Benefits.' I thought Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake had great onscreen chemistry, and this came through loud and clear (so to speak) in the movie's hot love scenes! Don't agree with me? Vote 'Friends With Benefits' down. Think I'm spot on? Vote 'Friends With Benefits' up. Think I'm so far off (third) base by listing the hilariously hot love scene(s) from 'Bridesmaids?' Fine, vote that one down. Everyone gets a say, especially when we're talking about sex and love and all that other good stuff.

Even if the sex wasn't quite as steamy in 2011, moviegoers and TV fans had plenty of great things to watch. Don't believe me? Check out these lists of the New Movie Trailers of 2012 and Best TV Shows as proof. Of course, there were some mega-stinkers too, as highlighted on the list of the worst movies of 2011. Hollywood can't get it right every single time, sadly.

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    Game of Thrones

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    "Game of Thrones" goes to show that without the constant distractions that we have today like TV, internet and electricity, there are very few forms of entertainment left. The two most popular seem to have been brutal murder and lots and lots of sex. GoT had more sex scenes than "True Blood", "The Tudors" and "Oz" combined.

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    'Friends With Benefits' offered up some of the most smoking cinematic sex scenes of 2011. And Mila Kunis, lots of Mila Kunis. The chemistry between Kunis' Jamie and her friend Dylan (Justin Timberlake, and yes he's on this list three times...JT got around in 2011) are very hot and, at times, really funny. Dylan and Jamie make a deal: They'll be friends who have sex, nothing more. And they have a lot of great sex. Though there is a little too much talking for my taste, the banter between the two is funny. My favorite is in the scene above where Dylan tries to break the tension by humming Semi-Sonic's "Closing Time" thinking that it's Third Eye Blind.
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    Natalie Portman. Sex scenes. Need I say more? Oh, yeah okay, I'll say more. In 'No Strings Attached,' Portman plays a young doctor, Emma, who makes a deal with her good friend, Adam (Ashton Kutcher): a sex-only relationship. No falling in love. Just hot sex, and plenty of it. This movie definitely contains more than it's share of sexy scenes. And Natalie Portman. Enough said.

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    Californication Added by: Kyle Townsend

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    For a show that is known for it's sex scenes, Californication really pulled it out this year. I had thought that they had hit their peak last season with the smoking hot Eva Amurri but leave it to Showtime to kick it up a notch. This year they introduced Addison Timlin as an actress playing the Madeline Zima character in a movie based on Hank's book. Needless to say, the whole thing made for some of the sexiest scenes in the show's history.
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    Ah, 'Immortals.' This one's on the list for one reason: Freida Pinto. In the 2011 movie, Pinto who stars as Phaedra, has her first-ever sex scene on film. Her sexy scenes opposite Henry Cavill (Theseus) are definitely hot. Hate to ruin this for you, but the nudity? It's not Pinto. She had a butt double for the film. Boo!
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    The hottest movie sex scenes of 2011 stand in sharp contrast to those in 2010. 2010 brought us psychological thrillers filled with hot sex ('Black Swan' comes to mind). 2011? It was all about raunchy, hilarious sex. No movie sticks out more in my mind where that's concerned than 'Bridesmaids.' The sex scene between Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Ted (Jon Hamm) is brilliantly funny and...creative? Yes, creative.

    Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of the, ahem, 'hot' scenes involving Melissa McCarthy's Megan and Air Marshall Jon (Ben Falcone).

    If you've seen the movie, particularly the 'uncut' version, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Food and sex: they just go together. Oh, and FYI: Falcone is McCarthy's real-life husband.
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    'The Roommate' isn't particularly great as far as films go (okay I thought it was just plain bad), but one scene in particular qualifies it for a spot on this list: A super-hot kissing scene between Danneel Harris and Leighton Meester.
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    If I say Elizabeth Olsen, what would you think? Nothing much probably. Elizabeth is the younger sister of the billion-dollar powerhouse that is the Olsen Twins. Being the youngest leaves poor Elizabeth with the hard job of digging her way out from her sisters shadow. Thankfully, she figured it out. Star in a movie and have a topless sex scene. I don't know much about Martha Marcy May Marlene, but I do know that I like what I have seen.
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    Kirsten Dunst's role in 'Melancholia' is getting a lot of attention for a couple of reasons. One, she's supposedly fantastic in Danish director Lars von Trier's f*turistic movie about the end of the world. And two? She's naked in it. Not just topless, either: Dunst appears completely nude in one particular scene. Hot!
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    No list of hottest love scenes in 2011 movies would be complete without 'Breaking Dawn,' also known as Breaking Headboard. And that's exactly what sparkly vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) does on his honeymoon night with his beloved human wife, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). The movie is PG-13 (duh), but the love scene is done well. It's hot, even without blatant nudity. You get what's going on, especially when the headboard cracks. The next morning, feathers are everywhere and there's no mistaking that these two consummate their marriage with gusto.
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    'Shame' tells the story of a man struggling with a serious sex addiction, so is it any wonder that it contains some extremely hot sex scenes? Hot, and deeply disturbing too. And a full-frontal by Michael Fassbender. This movie will make you squirm, no doubt, but it might also make you hot and extremely bothered.

    For some great examples of Carey Mulligan's work click here.
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    In 2011's 'Like Crazy,' British student Anna (Felicity Jones) falls desperately in love with American student Jacob (Anton Yelchin). When they are separated because of visa issues, things get dramatic and rather ugly. While Jones and Yelchin certainly have some poignant, romantic scenes, it's the sex scenes between Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence that are getting a whole lot of attention.
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    How to Make It in America Added by: Maxed Out

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    Even though 'How to Make it in America' is about two guys in the fashion industry, it does have a surprising amount of heterosexuality in it. One of the greatest examples is the amazing Lake Bell, who does the world a favor and brings us a pretty hot sex scene as well as the morning after. Click here to see the amazingness.
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    Though 30 Minutes or Less seems like a sausage-fest of a movie there is a great scene involving a stripclub and a lapdance given by a very hot Bijanca Kajlich. See it here.
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    'Bad Teacher' is definitely raunch comedy, so no surprise it contains some pretty hot scenes. One, in particular, manages to be both hot and disturbing. And kinda annoying, too. When Elizabeth Hulsey (Cameron Diaz) sets her sights on a fellow teacher, the rich, nerdy Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), she doesn't let up. During an overnight field trip, Elizabeth 'seduces' Scott. Thinking she's in for a hot night of loving, imagine her disappointment when Scott's idea of hotness turns out to be...dry humping.
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    The 2011 movie 'Last Night,' starring Keira Knightley, is a bit of a cautionary tale about marriage. This, of course, includes the central issues of sex and fidelity. Knightley and Sam Worthington are a married couple, Joanna and Michael, who both face extreme sexual temptation: Joanna with an old flame, Alex (Guillaume Canet) and Michael with a colleage, Laura (played by Eva Mendes, and you know if she shows up in any movie there will be sexy scenes). Lots of sexual tension in this one, and a few very hot scenes.
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