The Hottest Women from Mad Men

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The hottest "Mad Men" women are easily some of the sexiest women on television with their striking beauty and dangerous curves. They may be portraying old-fashioned characters in the 1960's period drama but their sex appeal rivals that of anyone else on television. The hottest women of "Mad Men" have redefined what is sexy just as "Mad Men" has redefined quality television.

While the 1960s advertising agency that the series follows is definitely a man's world, in terms of eye candy actresses like January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss win hands down. These leading ladies sure don't get the respect they deserve from their male character counterparts but it's certainly not because they're not all gorgeous.

From the many Sterling Cooper secretaries, many of whom also serve as love interests to main character Don Draper, to the bored housewives, the women of "Mad Men" may not look like a lot under the 60s-style clothing and hairstyle, but are each portrayed by beautiful and stunning actresses.

"Mad Men" works because of a strong ensemble cast, juicy plot lines and a highly acclaimed attention to detail. It also helps that these nearly two dozen babes on the AMC series which has won 15 Emmy Awards. Clearly when the series ends in a few seasons, we will miss the sexy women nearly as much as we miss the show itself. Enjoy it while it lasts men.

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    CHARACTER: Joan Harris (née Holloway) serves as the office manager of Sterling Cooper and later the Director of Agency Operations at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The curvy redhead was once called the "the finest piece of ass" by Roger Sterling.

    BACKGROUND: In addition to being named the sexiest woman in the world by "Esquire" magazine in 2010, Christina Hendricks has appeared on the television shows "Firefly" and "ER" as well as in the dark film "Drive" in 2011.

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    CHARACTER: Trudy Campbell is the wife of Pete Campbell, an account executive at Sterling Cooper and later junior partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. After fertility struggles, Trudy and Pete welcome a child, Tammy in season four.

    BACKGROUND: In addition to appearing on "Mad Men," actress Alison Brie is a regular cast member on the NBC comedy series "Community." She's was also in "Scream 4" and on the pages of "Maxim's" 2012 Hot 100 list showing off her pipes.

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    CHARACTER: Jane Sterling (née Siegel) begins her stay at Sterling Cooper as a secretary to Don Draper and leaves as the much younger second wife to Roger Sterling. Despite clashing with Roger's first wife and daughter, Jane's youth is refreshing to Roger.

    BACKGROUND: Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Peyton List began her acting career on the soap opera "As the World Turns" after working as a commercial child model. Other acting credits include small roles on television series such as "FlashForward" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

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    CHARACTER: Megan Calvet began at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as Don Draper's secretary. In a pinch, Don hires Megan to look after his children on a trip to California and after seeing her with this family, which, of course leads to a thriving marriage. We last saw Megan getting everything she wanted, but possibly losing Don.

    BACKGROUND: Jessica Paré got her start with small roles in various horror films before appearing in movies like "Wicker Park," "Hot Tub Time Machine" and the Canadian comedy "Peepers."

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    CHARACTER: Elizabeth "Betty" Francis (formerly Draper) is the ex-wife of Don Draper and mother of their three children, Sally, Bobby and Gene. After discovering secrets from Don's past, she demands a divorce and marries political advisor Henry Francis.

    BACKGROUND: Blonde beauty January Jones had smaller roles in films such as "We Are Marshall," "Anger Management" and "Love Actually" before becoming a household name with her "Mad Men" role. She has since gone on to star in "X-Men: First Class" as the sexy, but deadly Emma Frost.

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    CHARACTER: Suzanne Farrell, or Miss Farrell as she was known to her students, appeared in six episodes of "Mad Men" in season three. Miss Farrell was a teacher of the Draper daughter Sally while Suzanne served as one of Don Draper's many brief love interests.

    BACKGROUND: After appearing on the soap opera "All My Children," Abigail Spencer went on to appear on shows such as "HawthoRNe" and in films like "Cowboys & Aliens."

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    CHARACTER: Dr. Faye Miller serves as a consultant to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce where she works closely with Don Draper. A relationship builds and the two quickly become romantic but after Don suddenly proposes marriage to another woman, Faye becomes devastated.

    BACKGROUND: Carla Buono got her start in film in the 1992 movie "Waterland" but is also very active behind the camera. Buono has written, produced and directed several films including the 1997 short "Baggage."

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    CHARACTER: Peggy Olson started as a naive secretary on the pilot of "Mad Men" and has grown to take on a full advertising copywriter position. Though they've never been romantically linked (through season four), Peggy and Don Draper have always had a close relationship with each a keeper of the other's secrets.

    BACKGROUND: Elisabeth Moss began acting as a child including in Disney movies and for several years on the television drama "The West Wing." She is also currently starring in the TV show "On The Lak". Her other work includes a supporting role on "Girl, Interrupted" and as the one-time wife to "Saturday Night Live" comic Fred Armisen.

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    CHARACTER: Lois Sadler had many roles in the Sterling Cooper office including as the switchboard operator who had eyes for Art Director Sal Romano and as a secretary to both Don Draper and Paul Kinsey but Lois is best known for being the driver in the riding mower incident one late night at the office.

    BACKGROUND: Crista Flanagan is perhaps best known for her work on another "Mad" show, MADtv as she portrayed everyone from Ellen Page to Miley Cyrus on the sketch comedy show. Flanagan also stars as the title character on the Internet comedy podcast "Home is Emo." 

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    CHARACTER: Rachel Menken enters Don Draper's life looking for advertising for her family's Jewish department store but soon becomes one of his many sexual partners. After the two have a falling out, she eventually marries, which briefly upsets Don.

    BACKGROUND: New York City-born actress Maggie Siff is no stranger to appearing in big-name productions with former roles in movies like "Michael Clayton," "Push," "Leaves of Grass" and "Funny People" as well as small screen roles in "Sons of Anarchy" and "Law & Order."

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    CHARACTER: Single mother Helen Bishop was not only a neighbor of the Draper family but also a frequent victim of neighborhood gossip among the ladies. Her relationships with Betty Draper only soured later on when Helen's son Glen developed a fondness for Betty and daughter Sally.

    BACKGROUND: Prior to her recurring role on "Mad Men," actress Darby Stanchfield made appearances on shows such as "NCIS," "General Hospital" and as April Green on the CBS drama "Jericho."

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    CHARACTER: As the secretary to Pete Campbell, Hildy put up with Pete's lack of patience and condescending tone while also finding solace in the arms of married television head Harry Crane. Hildy however was left behind when Sterling Cooper dissolved in season three.

    BACKGROUND: Actress Julie McNiven had recurring roles on television in shows such as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Supernatural" before her time on "Mad Men." The red head is also experienced on the swinging trapeze, something she studied as a teen.

    If you don't remember her here's a recap of Mad Men in 60 seconds.

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    CHARACTER: Bobbie Barrett serves as the wife and manager to often disrespectful comedian Jimmy Barrett. Bobbie and Don develop a sexual relationship but things later sour with Bobbie revealing the affair to Don's wife, Betty.

    BACKGROUND: Melinda McGraw is a veteran actress with her first major role coming in the 1990s on "The Commish." Other roles include on TV on "The X-Files" and in film on "Albino Alligator" and "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps."

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    Anne Dudek
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    CHARACTER: Francine Hanson is a close friend to Betty Draper and often seen at the Draper home gossiping about the other neighborhood ladies. Like Betty, Francine is concerned over the fidelity of her husband, Carlton, especially after finding suspicious charges on the telephone bill.

    BACKGROUND: Prior to appearing on "Mad Men," actress Anne Dudek enjoyed a recurring role on the drama "House" and in the movie "White Chicks." Dudek also joined the cast of "Covert Affairs" in 2010.

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    CHARACTER: Margaret Sterling is the grown daughter of Roger Sterling who marries during season three. Margaret, who has a tendency to be a spoiled brat, famously does not get along with Roger's new wife Jane, who is about the same age.

    BACKGROUND: Elizabeth Rice can also be seen in small roles on TV shows like "ER," "Boston Public" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

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    CHARACTER: Wife of William Hofstadt, Judy Hofstadt is the sister in law to Betty Draper and a former caregiver to William and Betty's late father, Gene.

    BACKGROUND: Actress Megan Henning is best known for her portrayal of Meredith Davies on the television series "7th Heaven" and as a series regular on "The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire."

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    CHARACTER: Anna Draper is the "original" Mrs. Draper and after discovering that her husband's identity was stolen, serves as a longtime friend to Don Draper. When visiting Southern California, Don often visits with Anna at the home he purchased for her.

    BACKGROUND: Melinda Page Hamilton starred in the 2006 film "Sleeping Dogs Lie" plus had many smaller parts in television shows like the "CSI" franchises, "Nip/Tuck" and a recurring role on "Desperate Housewives."

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    CHARACTER: Toni Charles portrays a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club in "Mad Men" and has a brief sexual affair with Lane Pryce, much to the displeasure of his old fashioned father. Lane eventually leaves Toni to return to his wife in England.

    BACKGROUND: Actress Naturi Naughton also portrayed another Playboy Bunny on the short-lived show "The Playboy Club" but is perhaps best known for roles in the remake of the musical "Fame," in the Tony Award-winning show "Hairspray" and as a member of the R&B group 3LW.

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    CHARACTER: Jennifer Crane is the wife to Sterling Cooper Head of Media Harry Crane and mother to their daughter, Beatrice. Unlike the other Sterling Cooper wives, Jennifer actually holds down a job as a supervisor at American Telephone & Telegraph.

    BACKGROUND: Laura Regan previously appeared in the M. Night Shyamalan movie "Unbreakable" and as the title character in the 2003 film "Saving Jessica Lynch." Her television credits also include smaller roles on the "Law & Order" series and "CSI: Miami."

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