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The Hottest Muslim Women On Earth

List Criteria: A list of the top ten hottest women of the Islamic faith

Sexy Muslim from around the world comprise this list of the hottest Muslim women on Earth, as ranked by fans everywhere. No matter what your religious or ethnic background is, if you're a red-blooded heterosexual man, women -- all women -- are sexy. Muslim women are no exception, because let's face facts, not all Islamic women are conservative, and not all of them are covered up. Some of these lovely ladies are models who have to wear next-to-nothing to show off a line of knockout lingerie. Other Muslim girls with killer bodies on this list are actresses who look good no matter what they're wearing. Plus there is an actual queen.

Who are the hottest Muslims on Earth? That's up to you to decide, so please vote for your favorite Muslim hottie on this list. And if you don't see the girl you most desire, feel free to add her so that others can rank her among the sexiest.

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    Age: 44
    Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
    Profession: Fashion Model, Model
    Height: 5'10"
    Yasmeen Ghauri : see more

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