The 10 Hottest Love Scenes of 2013 Anything
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The 10 Hottest Love Scenes of 2013

It was an interesting year for love and sex scenes in film and television. We had a (great) comedy about porn addiction starring Scarlett Johansson in theatres while a new series premiered on showtime about the science of humans sexuality starring Lizzy Caplan.

We had a whole medley of ex teen stars ( a lover of vampires, TWO seperate mean girls, and a few disney starlets) breaking the mold by starring in much more adult roles.

TV kept it steamy on True Blood & Game of Thrones (as we've come to expect of them).

2013 also brought the funny in regards to sex, further proving our evolution as a culture. We're finally not taking ourselves our sex too seriously. Included in this list is... well the first possession of it's kind.

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    In a movie all about porn addiction, surprise surprise, it had some pretty amazing sex scenes. Oh and did I mention Scarlett Johansson is in it. Joseph Gordon Levitt who wrote, directed, and stars in it is a wise wise man. Check it out. 

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