The 50+ Hottest Women Currently in Prison People
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The 50+ Hottest Women Currently in Prison

List Criteria: Vote up all of the hottest gals sitting behind bars right now.

These are real quotes and these are real women in prison who can be found on The hottest women in prison include a wide variety of young women who, for whatever reason, found themselves on the wrong side of the law and, ultimately, behind bars. We all hear the stories of famous celebrities being locked up (we're looking at you, Lindsay Lohan), but Hollywood hotties aren't the only beautiful women who are locked up: Lovely ladies from all over the country are currently imprisoned. Sadly, their beauty is rarely seen outside prison walls, but now, with the help of this list, you too can gaze upon their lovely countenance. I've listed some of the most smoking hot beauties in prison here, so feel free to vote for your personal favorites. (And if you're really into prison / in prison, go vote for the best prison movies.)

Some of the hot women in prison on this list are just looking for pen pals. Doing time is no picnic, but these gorgeous prisoners are hoping to pass the hours away corresponding with friends on the outside. Other hot female inmates might be interested in something more – possibly true love. Some mention that they don't have time to play games in love, but really, if you think about it, they've got nothing but time. Here's a list of WIP films. Or how about a more refined touch? Hottest Classical Female Musicians.

Many of these women are incarcerated for very, very serious crimes, including murder, so keep that in mind. Some mention that they are working to better themselves while behind bars. Hopefully that happens. As one inmate puts it, "Even the best of people make mistakes right?"

A surprising number of hot inmates on this list say they're just looking for a good, honest person to spend time with, and some even mention they'd relocate for that person, if things worked out. Others simply want a penpal – nothing more.
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  1. 1
    + 9994
    - 3281

    Maeghan Rice

    Reason for Incarceration: Second-degree murder

    "I got involved with the wrong guy at a young age and I am paying the price, now I want to find the right guy."

    Click here to see what a women's prison really looks like.
  2. 2
    + 6682
    - 3690

    Jessica McKay

    Reason for incarceration: Vehicular homicide, DUI

    "I always have a smile on my face with a bubbly personality."
  3. 3
    + 6198
    - 3424

    Sara Horne

    Reason for Incarceration: Probation Violation (Felony)

    "I am a computer geek with lots of class and sophistication. I love the finer things in life."
  4. 4
    + 6021
    - 3784

    Jamie Yoshimura

    "I adore a great personality and someone who has direction in their life. A sense of humor is a plus."
  5. 5
    + 6077
    - 4164

    Carmen Lewis

    Reason for incarceration: Drug possession, Identity theft

    "I am a fun loving girl. I'm in a bad place, but I've got a beautiful heart and a caring soul. Even the best of people make mistakes right?"
  6. 6
    + 4675
    - 3949

    Crystal Clamenza

    "I am looking for someone who is motivated, driven, open minded, family oriented, and who loves to laugh. Must be stable and financially secure, and able to stimulate me intellectually with a vivid imagination."
  7. 7
    + 4158
    - 3800
    “I like tall men with tattoos, but I don’t discriminate either.”
  8. 8
    + 4413
    - 4170

    Jillian Cini

    Reason for Incarceration: Parole Violation

    "I'm looking for someone who is generous, romantic, passionate, affectionate, dominant, versatile, nonjudgmental, supportive, sensuous, creative, understanding, attractive, handsome, sexy, fun to be with, and makes me laugh. Goatees are a plus, but not necessary."
  9. 9
    + 3958
    - 3990

    Andrea McCormick

    Reason for Incarceration: Burglary

    "I am hoping to meet that very special and charming someone who is generous, compassionate, caring, and nonjudgmental."
  10. 10
    + 3653
    - 3819

    Jenny Decoteau

    Reason for Incarceration: Common Law Robbery

    "I am a good person inside, but I have made some poor decisions for which I am paying dearly. I refuse to let this experience define me, although I am learning from my mistakes and intend to grow into a better person through this all."
  11. 11
    + 3562
    - 3840

    Nicole Leedy

    Reason for Incarceration: Drugs

    "Now that I'm 29 and have spent a decade in trouble or in prison, I now deeply desire comfort, security, and true happiness."
  12. 12
    + 3264
    - 3590

    Rebecca Flanagan

    Reason for incarceration: Burglary

    "I believe you should live each day as it's your last. I love to have fun, laugh, and will try almost anything once."
  13. 13
    + 3486
    - 4014

    Elizabeth Lambright

    Reason for Incarceration: Drugs, Felony Possession of a Firearm

    "I'd love to be swept off my feet."
  14. 14
    + 3260
    - 3771

    Amy Doyle

    "I'm bisexual, so if you're interested, I am open to all"
  15. 15
    + 2889
    - 3753

    Stacey Solberg

    Reason for incarceration: Aggravated Assault

    "I am losing my sense of humor. Looking for a fun person with a uplifting personality that can bring my light during dark times."
  16. 16
    + 2444
    - 3296

    Samantha Hughes

    "I'm seeking friendship, but if love happens to come along, I would be open to it. I would also be willing to relocate for the right person."
  17. 17
    + 2445
    - 3486

    Kataya Kitzman

    Reason for Incarceration: Murder

    "I’m a very journalistic person. I enjoy growing a personal bond through correspondence. I love to be presentable at all times. Impressions are everlasting."
  18. 18
    + 2174
    - 3338

    Elizabeth Kommes

    Reason for incarceration: DUI

    "I'm a wee bit naughty, but very nice. I am honest, and distaste lies... I do not play games and expect you to be honest also. With that being said, I am looking for someone who will help me out through this difficult time too."
  19. 19
    + 1974
    - 3121

    Bridgette Chaplin

    "I'm a very sexy, outgoing, and open-minded female looking to start my life over with that perfect someone. Serious inquiries only!!! Willing to relocate."
  20. 20
    + 2160
    - 3536
    Reason for incarceration: Felony Burglary

    Neiers, a member of the so-called "Burglar Bunch," was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 180 days in jail for burglarizing actor Orlando Bloom's home. Neiers served just one month of that sentence.
  21. 21
    + 1856
    - 3162

    Miranda Dalton

    Reason for incarceration: DUI (resulted in death)

    "I am looking for a friendship that can grow, and for someone to sweep me off my feet and dance the night away."
  22. 22
    + 1856
    - 3269

    Crystal Phillips

    "I'm a beach bunny with as much sex appeal as any Baywatch babe."
  23. 23
    + 2646
    - 4732

    Tina Alderman

    Reason for incarceration: Manufacturing a controlled substance

    "I am looking for a friend who doesn't see my incarceration as a character flaw, accepts my country accent as just another part of me, and who realizes my pretty face is not the only thing I have to offer."
  24. 24
    + 1655
    - 3047

    Deanna Vasquez

    "I'm looking for a man who's financially stable as well as dependable."
  25. 25
    + 1623
    - 3076

    Ashley Davis

    Reason for incarceration: Grand Theft, Burglary

    "I've made some bad decisions that have put me in prison, however, that doesn't make me a bad person... I love the beach and just about anything to do with the outdoors."
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