The 30 Hottest Women We Are Most Thankful For This Year

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List of the Hottest Women We Are Thankful For. This year was quite an eventful one for many people. While there a lot of ups and downs, for the most part, there's a lot to be thankful for. One those things is the abundance of hot women that have populated both TV and film, and can be seen anywhere and everywhere, especially online. These babes are some of the biggest names in Hollywood and should be, if not already, household names. Of course you'd expect to see young hotties like Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox on this list. I mean, what red-blooded man WOULDN'T be thankful for these lovely ladies? The same goes for girls like Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde and Kaley Cuoco. We've been blessed with these women's beauty, and for that, we are thankful.

Every Thanksgiving, families go around the table saying what they were thankful for in the past year. I dare any one of you to say you were thankful for Mila Kunis or Zoe Saldana's existence! Why would you say you were thankful for these women? Well, it would definitely make Thanksgiving dinner a bit more interesting that blabbering about the typical Thanksgiving lingo. 

This is the list of the hottest women we are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Some of these ladies are considered the hottest women in the world. So for that, we salute you ladies. Thanks for being easy on the eyes on this otherwise mundane 2013.
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