The 50 Hottest Pictures of a Young Phoebe Cates

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Bikini-clad, sexy and and just generally amazing pictures of Phoebe Cates -- the girl who defined the dreams of every adolescent boy in the 80s -- ranked by hotness. From Phoebe Cates bikini pictures, to just the hottest pics of Phoebe Cates on the web (and from the 80s), these are pictures of a young Phoebe Cates. She's aged like wine, but her iconic look ruined many-a-video tape. So, in honor of her 50th birthday, here's a list of the best images of a Phoebe Cates when she was young. Every hot girl wanted to be Phoebe Cates in the 80s, even though she didn't adhere to the traditional "huge breasts, blonde hair" stereotype at the time.

That's probably what made her so special. Phoebe Cates (from her scene in Fast Times at Ridgemeont High, to her controversial role in Paradise, to her starring roles in the cult classic Gremlins movies) defined cute-sexy in a way that most stars can only dream of these days. Accessible, yet unachievable, here are 50 reasons why Phoebe Cates is the sexiest girl that came out of the 80s. 
 These Phoebe Cates pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. While there are many sexy Phoebe Cates photos, these are the hottest around. The photo gallery is ranked by votes, hottest first.

Phoebe Cates nudes, and pics of Phoebe Cates topless are some of the most searched items on the net. These may not be Phoebe Cates naked pics but these Phoebe Cates images are some of the hottest in the world.

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