The Most Likely Ways Breaking Bad Will End TV Characters

The Most Likely Ways Breaking Bad Will End

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75 minutes. That's all there is left of one of the best television series of all time. In less time than it takes to cook a batch of the blue, we finally reach the end of the edge of our seats and find out how Breaking Bad ends. Will it be the best series finale ever? Possibly. At the least, we know it's going to be better than Dexter's series finale (easily one of the worst series finales of all time); that's a given. 


There are so many ways Breaking Bad could end: Walt, Jesse, Todd, Uncle Jack, Lydia, and whole of the Neo Nazi squad have targets on their heads from multiple directions. Will Walt die in the finale? Will Jesse die? Will Jesse kill Walt? There are so many theories about how Breaking Bad will end, it's hard to even hazard a guess as to who will die in the Breaking Bad finale. All that can really be said, with any modicum of confidence, is that the body count will be high.

Of all the ways Breaking Bad could end, there's no way to say one is better than the other. Does Walt deserve to die? Maybe. Will he do something truly noble in to punctuate the end of Breaking Bad? Also possible. Will Jesse get to punctuate Mr. White's death with a "b*tch"? That would be kid of rad. So many ways for Breaking Bad to end, so little time before we find out how it does.

Take some time now to vote up the scenarios you find most likely to transpire in the season finale of Breaking Bad and feel free to add your own ideas about what will happen on the final Breaking Bad.

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    Walt Kills the Neo Nazis

  2. 2
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    Jesse Kills Todd

  3. 3
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    Walt Kills Uncle Jack

  4. 4
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    Jesse Calls Todd a Bitch

    added by: sayhi2yourmom4me
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    Walt Kills Elliott and Gretchen

  6. 6
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    Walt Kills Lydia

  7. 7
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    Marie Kills Herself

  8. 8
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    Flynn Cooks Breakfast

  9. 9
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    Walt Lives

  10. 10
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    Walt Kills Himself

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    Breaking Bad More
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    Breaking Bad More
  13. 13
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    Walt Jr Becomes Male Stripper to Support Skyler

    added by: sayhi2yourmom4me
    (Actual leaked photo from season finalie)
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    Todd Kills Skyler

  15. 15
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    Todd Kills Lydia

  16. 16
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    Walt Turns Himself In

  17. 17
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    Walt/Jesse Murder-Suicide

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    Breaking Bad More
  19. 19
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    Breaking Bad More
  20. 20
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    Uncle Jack Kills Skyler

  21. 21
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    Skyler Kills Herself

  22. 22
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    Walt Kills Jesse

  23. 23
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    Uncle Jack Kills Flynn

  24. 24
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    A Creeper Kills Walt

    added by: gavinfoote71
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    Todd Kills Brock

  26. 26
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    Todd Kills Flynn

  27. 27
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    A Rival Drug Operation Kills Walt

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    Breaking Bad More
  29. 29
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    Todd Kills Walt

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