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How Re-Ranking Works

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Click here for basic info on how to make lists on Ranker.  Re-Ranking is easy to find on most Ranker lists – just look for the blue button inviting you to "Rerank This List." This option makes it faster and easier than ever to make your own version of any Ranker list, putting the items in the RIGHT order and removing or adding anything you please. It also makes Ranker lists more social and collaborative than ever before, with users now capable of interacting on any list on the site, and quickly generating "Ultimate Lists" that gather together everyone's lists into one handy guide.

This page will detail how re-ranks work, how they are used to create Ultimate Lists, and how you can get started playing around with these fun new features immediately. So how does reranking work? Take a look at this list and you'll know that answer.

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    What is a Re-Rank?

    A re-rank is simply any Ranker list that was inspired by another list. Since the site first launched, users have been looking at the lists of other users and responding to their choices. (Hey, lots of people on the Internet are wrong about everything and need to be straightened out! Who's with me?)

    Sometimes, these discussions were happening in the comment threads. But other times, users were making their own versions of these lists with different items, as a response.

    This gave us an idea. What if we encouraged Ranker users to make their own versions of a list, and then tied all these lists together, so everyone could see the original list that started the discussion and follow along as other people added their own input and insights? So now we have "re-ranks" for this purpose.
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    What Happens When a List is Re-Ranked?

    Click the "Rerank This List" button and, BOOM, a new Ranker list is started. (You'll have to create a Ranker account before we can publish your list.)

    Once this new Re-Ranked list is published, your personal version will go into the dropwdown located by clicking on the 'reranks' tab and you can compare your version, side-by-side with the master list.

    Clicking on the dropdown menu will allow you to access the version of anyone who has re-ranked the list. Here, you'll be able to see how each person re-ranked their compared to the original list. We want you to know if your friends have bad taste in "Saturday Night Live" sketches, or if they secretly hate nachos. (Gasp!) That stuff matters.

    Once we get three or more re-ranked versions in of a single list topic, we'll turn the whole thing into an "Ultimate List."
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    Editing and Publishing a Re-Ranked List

    When a Ranker user hits the "Rerank" button and is taken to their new list, all the items from the original list will already be included in your list. If the list is long, the original list will show in under the "Ideas" tab, where you can add items easily by clicking on on the "+" button. If the original list is short, we load all the original items into your list, so all you have to do is rerank by drop-and-drag or by renumbering.

    They can be removed by hitting the trashcan button to the right side at any time. Adding an item back to the re-ranked list that has been removed is as easy as clicking on the name under the "Ideas" tab. Once on your list, you can add images of your own, commentary, videos... whatever you like.

    Otherwise, the list can be edited just like any other Ranker list. (Click our Basic Guide to List-Building for more detailed information on how to make a Ranker list.)
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    How do Ultimate Lists Work?

    Ultimate Lists are automatically generated by Ranker any time a single list topic has been re-ranked three or more times. In most cases, the original list that was written on that topic then BECOMES an Ultimate List. But what does this really mean?

    Most importantly, the list is now labeled as an Ultimate List and is featured more prominently around the site. Ultimate Lists are the best way for Ranker to present truly crowdsourced opinions on popular topics. So if you want to see what the Internet really thinks are the Best Movie Villains of All Time or the Greatest Pro Wrestlers, there's no better way to find out than checking an Ultimate List.

    That's because, unlike other Ranker lists that reflect the opinions of just one person, the items on the Ultimate List and their order are determined by looking at everyone's lists put together, plus everyone's votes. Using our own Ultimate List algorithm, Ranker analyzes every individual person's re-ranked list on a subject, then layers in voting activity from the Ranker community, and then puts the list in order based on these factors. So even if four out of five re-rankers picked The Rock as their favorite wrestler, if the community comes in and votes him down, he may only show up in 2nd or 3rd place on the Ultimate List.

    So if you see an Ultimate List around the site and want to influence the rankings, the best way to do it is to add your own re-ranked version. But hey... if you want to vote as well... don't let us stop you. Lists may count more than votes, but Diddy says every vote counts. And I don't want to argue with that guy; he has like 18 bodyguards.
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    How To Set Up a List to be Re-Ranked

    When making a brand new Ranker list on an original topic, you're given an option to allow other users to "Make their own version." (This option can be found by clicking the "Options" tab when editing any list, and looking under the "People who see my list can..." section.) Toggle the button to "Yes" to allow other users to make their own version of your list. It also means that if three people decide to make their own re-ranks of your list, a new 'Ultimate List' will be generated, allowing the entire Ranker community to vote and participate in deciding the order of items.
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