How to Cook with Mushrooms | Mushrooms for Various Meals Foods
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How to Cook with Mushrooms | Mushrooms for Various Meals

Mushrooms sauteed, mushrooms garlic, stuffed mushrooms with mushroom soup. Do you know what 'shrooms to use on a pizza? In that soup? To have a good time? Let's get 'Shroom Savvy! Welcome to Shrooms 101!
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    White Button Mushroom

    The White Button mushrooms are those little guys most commonly seen in your local grocery store and are likely gracing the top of your Friday night pizza. Approximately 90% of mushrooms sold in the U.S. are this variety, which is tasty raw as well as cooked. Another option is to stuff and bake them. Aren't they adorable!?

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    Shitake Mushroom

    Oh S**t-ake! Baby portabellos! In actuality, they are related! These guys are just younger versions! Thick and meaty, these 'shrooms are great in pastas, stir fries and soups. Also delicious as an accent for a good steak, these guys should be cooked to be best enjoyed.

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    Enoki Mushrooms

    Ok, we know 'shrooms are fungi, but this looks like something growing in my bathroom! Eek!s Enoki mushrooms may look like a hunk of bean sprouts but their flavor is sweet and somewhat like crunchy grapes. Just close your eyes and agree with me. Use these babies raw on salad, sandwiches and cooked in soups.

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    Oyster Mushrooms

    Oyster mushrooms actually TASTE remniscent of.... good guess! Oysters. Sauteed with butter and onions and draped over a steak.... Mmmmmhmm! Also tasty mixed in with a veggie medley it's a tasty and pseudo exotic escape from the cute little buttons of pizzaville.

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    Cremini Mushrooms

    Cremini mushrooms are like tanned versions of the sweet little white guys, but rather than being used like the Button 'Shroom, they are best cooked and used like the Oyster 'Shroom. The perk is, you can cook them practically any way and they stay firm and delicious!

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