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How to Make a List on Ranker: The Basics

Making a list is fun and easy. This list has everything you need to get started. Ranker has millions of items in its database – everything from universities to comic book heroes to your favorite band's discography. To make a list, all you have to do is tell us the topic, pick the items you want to include, and fill in anything you have to say about them. Ranker takes care of the rest.

Already have a good handle on the basics? See our step-by-step guide to Enhancing and Expanding Your Ranker Lists. Then you'll be ready to check out some more advanced, insider tips for making great lists.
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    Start a List

    You have two options for making a list on You can either start a new list on an original topic from scratch, or you can "rerank" a list that someone else has already worked on.

    1. To start a new list, hover over the "Create a List" button in the upper righthand corner of the page. This will prompt you to name your list with a pop-up.
    After you give your list a clear, specific name, you will go right into the "List Edit" screen, where you can type in your list description, add items to your list, and choose how you want the list to look.
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    Re-Rank An Existing List

    Reranking simply means taking a list that has been created by someone else, editing it, reordering it (if you disagree with the original ranker) and then publishing it as a new list. It's the quickest and easiest way to generate new Ranker lists.

    To get started on reranking, go to any published list on Ranker and look for the blue button that says "Rerank This List."
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    Start Adding Items

    If you're reranking someone else's list, you can use their list as a reference and add all of the items that you want on your new list, by clicking the "+" on the right. You can also type in new list items and rearrange the order of the entire list until you are happy with it. 

    If you're starting a new list, or if you want to add items, click the "Search" tab, you'll see a text box that says "Type in a new item." Enter the name of whatever it is you'd like to add to the list. We'll try to guess what you're looking for by making some suggestions. If you see the item you want to add, click the "+."

    Our system contains A LOT of potential items for your list, but if you can't find the term you want to include (or a result comes up that isn't the right one), you can also create a custom item. Do this by typing in your desired result and then clicking the "+" on the last bar on the page that says, "can't find it? create it!" This will add that item to your list. 
  4. 4

    Put Your Items in Order

    Okay, you've picked your items, so let's make a list!

    There are two ways to put your items in order:

    1. Drag and drop individual items where you'd like them to go.
    2. Change the numbered boxes to the left of each item to the rank you want to give them, by simply typing in the corresponding number.
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    The Parts of a List

    Once you've selected the items for your list – whether it's brand new or a rerank – there are only a few things you need to fill out before hitting that the Submit button.

    Click over to the "Options" tab. You can select how your list will display, as a List, Blog, or Slideshow. Blog and Slideshow are good for when you have large images or lots of commentary on each item, otherwise, we recommend List display. You'll also see a box marked "Introduce your list." This is where your list description will go. Use this space to explain what your list is about and add some background or editorial content about your list topic.

    Below that, you can add "Your list criteria" to your list. Use this space to narrow down the choices or clarify what you want people to vote on. For example, if you are making a list about "The Best Old Movies," use this space to identify what you consider to be "old." For example: "Only include films made before 1960."

    Filling in the list description and list criteria are both optional. If you just want to put together a list without worrying about writing, that's fine too.

    In the top right corner, you also have the option of adding an image to your list to make it stand out more. (This is the image that will be associated with your list around Ranker and when you share the list on social media sites like Facebook.) If you leave this image blank, we'll just use the image associated with the first item on your list.

    REMEMBER: If you're giving Ranker a URL for an image, make sure it leads DIRECTLY to the image and not to an image search or a web page that features the image. Also, please only post photos to Ranker to which you own the rights, or that are licensed for use by Creative Commons. Ranker does not permit copyright violations on the site.

    Near the bottom of the page, you will also see an area to add a link to your website with a box labeled "Display my website URL." Feel free to promote yourself or anything else you want that doesn't violate our terms & conditions.
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