How to Make Homemade Tortillas from Scratch Anything
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How to Make Homemade Tortillas from Scratch

7 videos on how to make your own homemade tortillas from scratch. These videos outline a few different ways to make tortillas and even tell you how to make flour tortillas from scratch. How to make corn tortillas are the focus of the list, though, as they're the more traditional tortilla used in restaurants and around the world. This homemade tortillas recipe video list takes you through how to make easy tortillas for beginners, what you'll need and the best way to get great results. The rest of the videos go into more depth and show you how to make your thin tortillas into homemade tortilla chips that you can make from scratch. When it comes to Mexican food, it all starts with homemade tortillas. Flour, corn and other varieties all follow the same basic principles: roll, flatten, grill. Have fun and let me know if I missed any videos in the comments.
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    Tortilla Ingredients

    Traditionally´╗┐ tortillas are made with lard or shortening, but you can substitute it with butter or any sort of fat ingredient.
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    Tortilla Recipe: What You Need for Homemade Tortillas

    Tortilla fact- Tortillas are one of the staples of Mexican cuisine, served up fried as tacos, rolled into soft burritos or layered as enchiladas.
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    Homemade Tortillas: How to Make Tortillas

    You can skip using baking powder as it does not add to the flavor of tortilla. However, your tortillas may not puff up or be super soft.
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    How to Make Homemade Corn Tortillas

    Another variation of tortilla is making it using corn flour instead of the usual all purpose flour. This is how your do it.
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    How to Make Homemade Tortilla Chips

    Learn how to make tortilla chips at home. I bet you will wonder if it is so easy, why did you end up buying tortilla chips bags(and waste money!) all these years.
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    How to Make a Vegan Corn Tortilla Wrap

    Veganism rocks- Try this vegan corn wrap recipe. If you believe honey isn't vegan, feel free to skip it.
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