How to Make Mango Lassi: Recipes, Videos, Instructions Foods
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How to Make Mango Lassi: Recipes, Videos, Instructions

Video tutorials/instructions on how to make homemade mango lassi. Indian recipes call for a few different ways these can be made either carefully or quickly, but either way, with summer approaching, nothing will refresh you more than a mango lassi, and few things will be more useful than these mango lassi recipe videos. You can make them tart, sweet or a careful mixture of both. Either way, your mango lassi should turn out great, as it's pretty hard to mess up mango drinks. If I left out any important videos, please tell me in the comments.

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    Making a Quick Mango Lassi (Indian)

    Lassi is very different from a milkshake because here, yoghurt is used in place of milk.

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    How to Make Mango Lassi With Home-made Yoghurt

    - You can substitute the sugar with fresh sugarcane or honey.

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    How to Make a Mango Lassi Cocktail

    Mango lassi cocktail with vanilla yogurt and vanilla vodka.

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    How to Make Mango Lassi With Coconut Milk

    Use coconut milk and coconut meat to make a cooling mango lassi.

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    Picking The Right Mangos For An Indian Mango Lassi

    To make the best of lassi, you need to have fully ripe, perfect mangoes. Learn how to choose mangoes for the mango lassi. After buying them, learn how to perfectly cut them just before you blend it with yoghurt.

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