How to Make Pad Thai: Easy Recipes Videos

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Five instructional videos on how to make pad thai in five different ways. From pad thai recipes for authentic pad thai, to even how to make your own pad thai sauce from scratch. This easy pad thai recipe list will answer any questions you have about making your own pad thai noodles. These videos will tell you everything you need to know, so if I'm missing any cool or helpful videos on cooking pad thai let me know.
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    Authentic Pad Thai

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    This recipe uses a hell lot of ingredients. But at the end it looks like it's worth it.
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    Pad Thai- Floating Market Style

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    Pad Thai is nothing but Thai style fried noodles.
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    Pad Thai Egg Wrap

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    After making you pad thai, you wrap it in egg omelet to and make it look at lot better.
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    Raw Pad Thai Salad

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    The variation here is the use of coconut oil instead of vegetable oil usually used in Thai recipes.
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    Authentic Home-made Pad Thai sauce

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    You can make this sauce and store it in the refrigerator for upto to 2 weeks.
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