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"Hyde Park on Hudson" movie quotes give an inside look at the life, one weekend in particular, of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The biographical comedy film, directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Nelson, first debuted at the Telluride Film Gestival prior to its December 7, 2012, release in the United States.

In "Hyde Park on Hudson," viewers are introduced to Margaret Suckley (Laura Linney ), also known as Daisy, a distant cousin to President Roosevelt (Bill Murray), who is invited out to his country home in Hyde Park, New York. Sent out to help Roosevelt unwind from the pressures of his job, Margaret soon clashes with the other important women in Franklin's life, mainly his mother, Sara Roosevelt (Elizabeth Wilson), his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt (Olivia Williams), and his secretary, Missy (Elizabeth Marvel), as each vie for his attention and command. It's Margaret however who steals his eye as the two spend a great deal of alone time together, leading many historians to ponder if the two had a romantic relationship.

Also during the visit, the President welcomes King George VI (Samuel West) and Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) in their first visit to the United States. On the brink of World War II, the two heads of state hope the visit will reinforce their bond should a conflict arise. There's a bit lost in translation between the two cultures, including an incident with hot dogs, but in the end President Roosevelt and King George VI find that they both have similar struggles and similar goals.

"Hudson on Hyde Park" opened to mixed reviews including a hint of Oscar attention for Murray. He'll have good competition however with many other movies looking for that recognition including "Killing Them Softly," "Hitchcock," "Skyfall," "Lincoln," "Flight," "Playing for Keeps," "Silver Linings Playbook," "Anna Karenina," "This Must Be the Place," "Cloud Atlas," "Wreck-It Ralph," "Nobody Walks," "The Sessions," "Red Dawn," "Chasing Mavericks," "Rise of the Guardians," "Argo," and "Looper."
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How Important This Weekend Was

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Margaret Suckley: "I'd been invited to visit with Franklin at his home in Hyde Park. His mother said he needed to take his mind off his work and the pressures of being the president. That spring, Franklin showed me a world I never knew existed and soon we became best of friends. No King of England had ever visited America before but now he was coming to Hyde Park on Hudson, the only quiet place left, and the only place to work was outside. I now see how important this weekend was, to them, to us, to the world, to Hyde Park on Hudson."

As she narrates, Margaret Suckley, also known as Daisy, reflects on her time with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, her distant cousin, at Hyde Park on Hudson. Many relationships were formed at that time, some allegedly romantic, such as the one between her and the President, and some worldly, such as that between Roosevelt and the King of England.
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I'd Be Nervous Too

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Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Is my wife behaving herself?"
Margaret Suckley: "Yes"
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Has my mother calmed down?"
Margaret Suckley: "She's fine."
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "It's like a madhouse."
Margaret Suckley: "Don't worry, all's quiet on the upstairs front. He's definitely younger than I imagined, for a king, you know?"
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Is he?"
Margaret Suckley: "They both seem nervous. That surprised me."
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Well, without some help from us, Daisy, there soon might not be an England to be king of. So I'd be nervous too."

Margaret (Daisy) updates Franklin on what is happening in other areas of the house following a quite tense moment between Franklin's mother and wife. That environment could make any houseguest nervous but in fact there are other reasons why the King and Queen of England seem quite tense.
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Queen Elizabeth: "Charming. Oh, look at that view. You must tell me about everything."
Missy: "That's the field."
Queen Elizabeth: "We have fields just like that."
Missy: "Those hills..."
Queen Elizabeth: "Yes?"
Missy: "Lead down to the river"
Queen Elizabeth: "Oh, oh so that's where they go."
Missy: [To Margaret] "What are you doing?"
Margaret Suckley: "I came to see if I could be of any help."
Missy: "Do you mind if I call you Elizabeth?"
Queen Elizabeth: "No... no"

Despite hearing it over and over from Franklin's mother that she mustn't call Queen Elizabeth simply Elizabeth, Missy up and asks the Queen if that shall be permitted. The Queen, showing her everlasting grace, does not say no.
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Very Good Care of Me

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Missy: "What are those for?"
Margaret Suckley: "He has a headache."
Missy: "You do?"
Margaret Suckley: "It's his sinuses again. Happens this time every year."
Missy: "I know that. You didn't say anything about having a headache."
Margaret Suckley: "He's not going to trouble you with everything. You have enough on your plate."
Missy: "What does that mean?"
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "It means, Missy, that you take very good care of me." [to Margaret] "It means that you do too."

In a simple act of giving President Roosevelt some medicine for a headache, the battle to serve Franklin between cousin Margaret and secretary Missy becomes pronounced.
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Hot Dogs

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King George VI: "At the picnic, the president's wife has organized hot dogs be served as our main dish."
Queen Elizabeth: "Are they trying to make fun of us?"
King George VI: "I don't know."

When holding a dinner party for foreign heads of state, typically something as cheap as hot dogs would not be on the menu. Alas that's exactly what Eleanor Roosevelt served, leading the King and Queen of England to wonder if they were being trolled.
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Our Flaws

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Franklin D. Roosevelt: "We think they see all our flaws. That not what they are looking to find when they look to us."

In an attempt to boost the morale of King George VI, President Roosevelt puts a little perspective into the forefront by reminding the king that how the public sees them is often much less critical than how they see themselves.
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Forgive Me For Not Getting Up

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Franklin D. Roosevelt: "So nice of you to come!"
King George VI: "Mr. President"
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Forgive me for not getting up."

Though it was not widely know during his time as president, Franklin Roosevelt was basically paralyzed following an illness. He poked fun at this condition when greeting the King and Queen of England for their visit.
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They Didn't Want Me

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King George VI: "They didn't want me as their king."
Franklin D. Roosevelt: "I didn't know they voted for that in England."

Sitting down for a formal talk, King George VI reveals his insecurities about leading a country that might not necessarily want him at their helm. President Roosevelt does his best to lighten the situation.