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Identity Thief Movie Quotes

"Identity Thief" movie quotes take viewers through a comical tale of what happens when an average joe takes it upon himself to track down a conniving woman who has stolen his identity. The comedy film was written by Craig Mazin and directed by Seth Gordon. "Identity Thief," originally titled "ID Theft," was released in theaters on February 8, 2013.

In "Identity Thief," Jason Bateman plays the victim Sandy Bigelow Patterson. When trying to fill his car with gas his credit card is declined and subsequently cut up for suspicious transactions. Upon calling his credit card company, which was not successful by the way, he's pulled over and learns that not only is something wrong with his credit card but he has warrants for his arrest too. A little detective work reveals that his identity has been stolen by a short woman named Diana (Melissa McCarthy). At first Sandy is relieved that this can easily be sorted out but then upset to learn the cops won't pull this woman in and fix it all.

So Sandy sets out to find this woman and bring her back to Colorado to face the music. This is easier said than done, especially as Diana will take every opportunity to lose Sandy. But it gets worse. Not only is Sandy looking for Diana but so are others, including those highly dangerous and out for blood. Genesis Rodriguez, Amanda Peet, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, T.I., Jon Favreau, Morris Chestnut and Eric Stonestreet also appear in the film.

If "Identity Thief" is not quite your style, there are plenty of other great movies in theaters such as "Django Unchained," "Killing Them Softly," "Hitchcock," "Skyfall," "Lincoln," "Flight," "Playing for Keeps," "Silver Linings Playbook," "Anna Karenina," "This Must Be the Place," "Cloud Atlas," "Wreck-It Ralph," "Nobody Walks," "The Sessions," "Red Dawn," "Chasing Mavericks," "Rise of the Guardians," "Argo," and "Looper."

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    What Are You?

    Sandy: "Come with me to Denver and I won't press charges. You're going to love it. There's no one shooting at you there."
    Diana: "You got nothing!"
    Sandy: [runs after Diana, easily passing her] "I can do this all day with you."
    Diana: "What are you, a Kenyan?"

    Diana tries to run away from Sandy but Sandy shows real quickly that he can not only keep up with her, but outrun her. It helps that she is winded after running 20 feet.

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    We Need Her More Than You Do

    Marisol: "We need her more than you do. Better luck next time, old man.

    As it turns out, Sandy is far from the only one looking for Diana. Marisol too is looking for her and is ready to be much more violent in her efforts than Sandy.

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    The Rental Car

    [Sandy runs Diana's van off the road causing it to roll]
    Sandy: "Oh, thank god, you're all right though, huh?"
    Diana: "Yeah, the rental car doesn't even have a scratch on it."
    Sandy: "Woo, that's great news. The car is fine. What's more important…"
    [Semi-truck smashes the rental car]
    Diana: "Oh, you should have put your hazards on."

    When Sandy runs Diana's van off the road causing it to roll, he feels bad. He's even more relieved that his rental car was not damaged, well it wasn't damaged until a truck came along and changed that.

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    I'm in Colorado

    Sandy: [to his credit card company] "Exceeded the credit limit?! I used the card for coffee and gas. Florida?! Raytheon Water Sports? Never heard of it. I'm in Colorado. We don't have beaches, you know? We're landlocked."

    Sandy tries to explain to the customer service representative at his credit card company that those charges in Florida for water sports were not his. For this, a short geography lesson is necessary.

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