iLived it: things that didn't kill me Anything
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iLived it: things that didn't kill me

at least not yet. but it was a close call for some of them. and for others, well i wished it had.

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    A divorce 10 months after my first marriage.

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    Going to public school.

  3. 3

    Going to religious school.

  4. 4

    Not wearing makeup.

  5. 5

    Mountain biking.

  6. 6

    Drinking way too much.

    yep. that's what happens after enough religion. no one wants to be measured all the time. and if the standard is holy perfection, madness is soon to follow. Jesus took care of that for me. but i was a hard sell. He allowed for years to go by while He convinced me about the truth. I don't drink anymore. but not because it's a horrible thing (it isn't). it's because my dh asked me not to, and i gave my word. i can say i don't need it. but to be honest, sometimes i still want a drink. that's why i don't keep it in the house. i'm not earning brownie points here - every time i long for a drink He knows all about it. He just doesn't require self-torture by pretending you don't want something you're not supposed to have. but you can be sure i am telling the truth - i really don't drink and i really do tell Him when i want one.

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