The Most Wildly Impractical Sexy Costumes In Anime

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List Criteria: Vote up the anime costumes that are as sexy as they are insanely unwearable.

Sexy but impractical anime costumes appear as a staple in any action series, giving audiences a large dose of fan service to go with their battle sequences, effectively leaving very little to the imagination. In real life these crazy anime costumes may not be the most suitable outfit for everyday use, but the magic of anime lies in its ability to make even the impossible seem possible. A little cloth, some string, and maybe even leather are all these impractical anime outfits need to function, all the while ensuring each body part gets accentuated to its full potential.

Anime cares very much how its characters present themselves, no different than the way the comic industry frames its own superheroines. But while subpar superhero costume changes add little to the excitement, the ensembles on this list instantly make any moment more exciting. Here, less is more.

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