47 Things You Might Not Know About the Indiana Jones Movies

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When you think adventure, you think Indiana Jones. The series completely reinvigorated the adventure movie genre and none have come close to matching the magic of the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Maybe you've watched all the films over and over again, but there's certainly lots of behind the scenes Indiana Jones trivia to learn!

The combination of Steven Spielberg's (quasi-) grounded adventurous approach to family-friendly filmmaking (he'd already done both Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind before Indy and was soon to do E.T., Hook, and Jurassic Park) and George Lucas's eye and mind for the fantastical (Star Wars) made for the perfect pairing. 

The franchise, one of the best film franchises in history, is infinitely re-watchable. Full of twists and turns, laughs and shrieks, adventure and romance, it's the ultimate in classic filmmaking and a cultural touchstone that affected pop culture and film for years to come.  

Let's look back at the films and enjoy some interesting facts you may not know about the Indiana Jones series. Enjoy the journey back through the franchise and all across the world, and be sure to upvote the best Indiana Jones trivia facts!
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