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List of Insomnia Drugs Drugs
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List of Insomnia Drugs

List Criteria: Only common insomnia drugs are listed.

List of drugs used to treat insomnia, including various medications for insomnia treatments. These medical treatments that are used to fight insomnia are in alphabetical order, and may include pictures when available. If you are wondering, "What drugs are used to treat insomnia?" consider that there are a variety of ways to treat insomnia conditions. This insomnia drug list includes the most common insomnia medications and may include prescription drugs and nonprescription medications.

List ranges from Triazolam to Eszopiclone, plus much more.
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    Eszopiclone Insomnia

  2. 2
    No image

    Ramelteon Insomnia

  3. 3

    Panic disorder, Insomnia, Depressive Disorder

  4. 4

    Triazolam Insomnia, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders

  5. 5

    Zaleplon Insomnia, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders

  6. 6

    Zolpidem Sleep disorder, Insomnia


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