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There are days when you need a little inspiration. When you just need to hear someone tell you that everything is going to be okay. And when your “hang in there” poster won’t cut it, you probably find yourself looking up inspirational quotes and just start running with them. The one problem with inspirational quotes is that sometimes they don’t come from the most reputable of sources. For instance, it’s great to hear that Hitler believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it - but does anyone really want to be taking pointers from the guy who committed genocide for no other reason than he thought certain people were icky? The answer to that question is a big fat NO. To illustrate this point further, we’ve put together this list of the most inspirational quotes by the people that we least respect.

You wouldn’t be surprised to find most of the quotes on this list on a poster in a school library. Although, if that was the case, they’d probably have a photo of some mountains or a kitten instead of the quote’s author. The moving quotes collected here are inspiring, confidence building, and they may even start you down the path to a better life - but every word on this list was uttered by someone awful.

Vote up the quotes below that you find to be the most inspirational, regardless of who said it. And if you really like one of them, why don’t you get it printed up and keep it on your wall. Just don’t tell your friends who said it.
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"Impossible Is a Word Found Only in the Dictionary of Fools."

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-Napoleon Bonaparte

No one likes for something to be impossible, especially when you have a dream that seems just out of reach. In Napoleon's case, the word "impossible" was always getting in his way during that darn coup d'etat, the Napoleonic wars, and after his exile following the Battle of Waterloo.
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"It Takes Less Courage to Criticize the Decisions of Others Than to Stand by Your Own."

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-Attila the Hun

Decision making is a tough enough endeavor as it is, but when we stand idly by and criticize others, we often forget that we should stand behind our own choices as well. This quote stands out mostly because Attila the Hun was so steadfast in his conquering of Europe, his leadership that resulted in the slaughter of thousands by his barbarian hordes, and his general resolution in the plundering of western Europe was relentless.

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"Better to Live a Day as a Lion Than 100 Years as a Sheep"

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-Benito Mussolini

No offense Mussolini, but this quote is such basic world dictator gobbledeegook. How lionesque was it when he was found trying to escape Italy after World War II?
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"Any Law That Violates the Inalienable Rights of Man Is Essentially Unjust and Tyrannical. It Is Not a Law at All."

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-Maximilien Robespierre

Robespierre was one of the main driving forces behind the Reign of Terror, a 10 month, post-revolutionary period in which mass executions were carried out. The Terror took the lives of between 18,500 to 40,000 people, with 1,900 being killed in the final month. Among people who were condemned by the revolutionary tribunals, about 8% were aristocrats, 6% clergy, 14% middle class, and 70% were workers or peasants accused of hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, and rebellion.