iSurf: where i learn stuff (or at least, look it up) Anything

iSurf: where i learn stuff (or at least, look it up)

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i don't know anything on my own. i'm just not that smart. here are some places that smart people have already been. you might find me there once in awhile.
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    Reference Sites

    ENCYCLOPEDIAS not always right of course but they do cite their sources. - list of online encyclopedias. - list of online encyclopedias.

    DIRECTORY LISTINGS - the king of open directories.

    BIBLE BY VERSION - any version you've ever heard of.

    AUDIOBOOKS - worth every bit of the monthly fee.

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    Parenting Sites

    PARENTING - she homeschools ten kids! - James Dobson

    HOMESCHOOL - a free online tutor for grade school kids. pretty good for a free one! - what we use. but check ebay first so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. - topical reference. free grade-school worksheets. small membership fee.
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    Bible Sites

    Some are great and some are not. I try to weed them out.

    SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE - worth it but maybe some things i can't endorse.

    CREATION AND FLOOD - a personal research timeline from creation to Jesus. well documented.

    SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS be careful with this one though. i can't agree with all of it.

    DOCTRINE escape from legalism, it's not what God wants anyway
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    Grief Sites

    Sites here are parent bereavement sites unless otherwise specified.

    MEMORIALS - free memorial pages for any loss.

    SERVICES - for parents who lose a newborn. beautiful bereavement photography.

    COMMUNITY - forum for bereaved parents of children of all ages. - blog and great list of angel mom blogs. - topical list of angel mom blogs by type of child loss.
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    Blogger Sites

    INFANT LOSS - a mom's journey through stillbirth. has other living children. - a mom's story of infertility and stillbirth. does not have other children.
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    Topic-Specific Sites

    HEALTH - the only vitamin company who does clinical tests on supplements. - personal stories of moms who survived PPCM, like i did. - Acute Respitory Distress Syndrome

    physical world as virtual reality - good reasoning on virtual worlds theory.

    MYTHOLOGY - topical resource for different mythologies. some of it is Bible-related but they list that with mythology.
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