30 Dope Facts You Didn't Know About It's Always Sunny

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Put down your rat sticks, halt your Charlie Work, and get ready for some Always Sunny trivia and fun facts! Everyone’s favorite living examples of Cards Against Humanity are pretty open about a lot of things, from body secretions to trying to destroying Dee. But there are a few things about the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast, show, and crew you may not know. For instance, there’s a real Mac’s Tavern, the show was inspired by Rob McElhenney’s night terror, Guillermo del Toro made a cameo, and the Game of Thrones writers want the gang to be in an episode. And that's only a taste!
There’s a lot of know about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So huff your favorite glue and buckle up. Step into the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia behind the scenes and peruse the bowels of the operation, which will probably have something to do with brown.
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