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Jamba Juice Secret Menu Items

This is a list of every secret Jamba Juice menu item. Jamba Juice has the most creative off-the-menu items around and die-hard Jamba Juice fans swear by them. What is the best Jamba Juice secret menu? From the crowd favorite White Gummi Bear drink to the scandilicious Dirty Orgasm, here is the full list of Jamba Juice secret menu items that'll make you say Hello Jesus (another Jamba Juice hidden menu item)! and if you're wanting a delicious meal with that delicious smoothie I would suggest trying anything off the Subway secret menu items list. But, if healthy food is something that is not particularly of any concern to you...then, the fat nachos on the Chipotle secret menu items list might be more appealing to you or you might want to try out the extra cheddar biscuits on the Red Lobster secret menu. Either way, enjoy the secrets!
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    White Gummi Bear

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    Word on the street is that this drink tastes JUST like a gummi bear. And not just any gummi bear, the white or clear ones. You know, the ones kids beat up other kids for which leads to adults who beat up other adults and can then basically lead to a world war. (A gummi bear world war would be fun though, 'cause it'll only involve weapons made out of gummi.)

    It's comprised of 6 oz. of peach juice, 4 oz. of soymilk, 1/2 cup of pineapple sherbet, 1/4 cup of raspberry sherbet, 1/4 cup of orange sherbet, 1/2 cup of frozen mangoes and 1/2 cup of ice.

    Even though it's about as unhealthy as a thousand white gummi bears, drink your drink and just be thankful you don't have to shed a drop of blood to get your hands on this coveted jewel.

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