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Jamba Juice Secret Menu Items

This is a list of every secret Jamba Juice menu item. Jamba Juice has the most creative off-the-menu items around and die-hard Jamba Juice fans swear by them. What is the best Jamba Juice secret menu? From the crowd favorite White Gummi Bear drink to the scandilicious Dirty Orgasm, here is the full list of Jamba Juice secret menu items that'll make you say Hello Jesus (another Jamba Juice hidden menu item)! and if you're wanting a delicious meal with that delicious smoothie I would suggest trying anything off the Subway secret menu items list. But, if healthy food is something that is not particularly of any concern to you...then, the fat nachos on the Chipotle secret menu items list might be more appealing to you or you might want to try out the extra cheddar biscuits on the Red Lobster secret menu. Either way, enjoy the secrets!

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    Push Pop

    It may be just a rumor, but people say the recipe is 1 scoop of strawberries, 1 scoop of mangos and 1 scoop of peaches. That's an awesome Push Pop flavor.

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    Pink Gummi Bear

    If gummi bears wore a dress, they'd go into this drink.

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    Thank You Jesus

    This drink will have you crying, "Praise the Lord!" It's 6 oz. lemonade, 6 oz. soymilk, 3 scoops strawberries, one scoop pineapple sherbet, lime sherbet and ice.

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    Raspberry Dreamin'

    With raspberry sherbet, raspberry juice, soymilk and frozen yogurt, Raspberry Dreamin' is every raspberry-lover's dream.

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    Green Gummi Bear

    Green Gummi Bear is made with soy milk, peach juice and lime sherbert. A little bit sweet and a little bit sour. (But don't say Sour Patch Kids because that gets Gummi Bear jealous).

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    Now and Later

    If the drink is anything like the candy, it's got to be good.

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