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Jason Isaacs TV Show/Series Credits

TV Shows featuring Jason Isaacs, listed alphabetically with photos when available. All of the TV programs that had Jason Isaacs in the cast are featured here. Jason Isaacs may have had a prominent role in these shows, but this list also includes shows where Jason Isaacs had a guest starring role or cameo appearance. You can find additional information about these Jason Isaacs shows as well, such as who else starred on the show and who created it.

List features shows like Highlander: The Series, Awake.

This list answers the questions, "What shows has Jason Isaacs been on?" and "What are the best Jason Isaacs TV shows?"

If you're a TV junkie, this list is the perfect resource for finding some new Jason Isaacs shows that you haven't already seen. If you're going to waste time watching television you might as well do it while watching shows starring Jason Isaacs. (15 items)

Working in television has given Jason Isaacs the opportunity to work with other great actors, including Zoe Saldana and Marion Cotillard.

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    Mark Hamill, Grey DeLisle, Mae Whitman

  2. 2
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    Ashenden Jason Isaacs, Joss Ackland, Ian Bannen

  3. 3

    Marion Cotillard, Jason Isaacs, Stella Stevens

  4. 4

    Jason Isaacs, Wilmer Valderrama, BD Wong

  5. 5

    Jason Isaacs, Ben Daniels, Lennie James

  6. 6

    Jason Isaacs, Annabeth Gish, Jason Clarke

  7. 7
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    This is David Lander Stephen Fry, Jason Isaacs, Tony Slattery

  8. 8
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    Alex Norton, Mark McManus, John Michie

  9. 9
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    Capital City Jason Isaacs, Douglas Hodge, John Bowe

  10. 10
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    Case Histories Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Natasha Little

  11. 11

    The Curse of Steptoe Sophie Hunter, Rory Kinnear, Zoe Tapper

  12. 12
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    Jason Isaacs, Mädchen Amick, John Larroquette

  13. 13
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    TECX Jason Isaacs, Tom Wilkinson, Jenny Agutter

  14. 14
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    The Last Don II Kirstie Alley, Jason Isaacs, Alison Pill

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    Civvies Peter O'Toole, Jason Isaacs, Lennie James

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