Jerry Seinfeld's Hilarious Break-Ups TV Characters

Jerry Seinfeld's Hilarious Break-Ups

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Jerry Seinfeld was known for dating beautiful women. He was also known for stupid reasons for dumping somone and getting dumped. Let's take a look at the many women of Jerry Seinfeld and how quickly they came and went.
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    Jillian and her Man Hands

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    He could not be with a woman that was smart, beautiful and very nice because she had man hands?
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    It takes guts to go on many dates with someone that you cannot remember their name, but it "ryhmes with a woman's body part." "Could it be Mulva?"
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    Joel Horneck?

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    In this episode he gets back in touch with a childhood friend. Later in the rebonding of the friendship he finds him very clingy and obnoxious. He doesn't have anything in common with him anymore but he doesn't say anything because "he cannot break up with a man".
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    At the gym he meets a very beautiful Sidra. The only thing is that he cannot tell if her boobs are real or if they are implants, so he sends in Elaine as a spy to see if they are real or not. She tells him that they are fake only later to find out that they weren't; they were 100% all her. So she dumps him. Good call Teri Hatcher.
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