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Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister's Most Evil Moments

With four seasons of HBO's "Game of Thrones" in the can, Joffrey Baratheon still sits as King on the Iron Throne and continues to threaten to impart his wrath on, well, anyone who makes widdle Joffrey angry. The paternity of King "Baratheon", of course, continues to fall under scrutiny as the notion that "Joffrey Lannister" is the correct name for the mean little bastard who would appear to be the unfortunate, weasely product of incest between Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother, Jaime.

It isn't easy to rise to the position of "Most Detestable Character on Game of Thrones"; we're talking about a show where the pilot episode featured the heroic protagonist executing an innocent man. (Plus, he insisted his wife raise his bastard son conceived by another woman, and kept the only son of his vanquished foe working around the house as a slave. But hey, he loves wolves, so it's all good!)

Still, Joffrey manages it with a mix of pluck, looking astonishingly like the guy who plays Draco Malfoy, and of course, petulance. He approaches ruling Westeros the way any angry, twisted, in-bred, evil blonde pre-teen who's been trained to be insufferable since the womb would: blind malice and hateful rage. Go through the list and vote for what YOU think are Joffrey's most deliriously villainous moments from "Game of Thrones" and keep in mind that there are myriad more despicable Joffrey moments to come.
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    The Execution of Eddard Stark

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    Though the Lannisters had Ned Stark safely imprisoned and labeled as a traitor, there were many interested parties who DIDN'T want the popular Lord of Winterfell killed. Sean Bean's agent in particular was dead-set against it, having been down this road with his client many (many!) many times before. Joffrey's intended, Sansa Stark, had also made it known that she'd prefer to see her father left alive.

    But Cersei Lannister, Joffrey's Mother, had also requested that Stark be left alive. His value as a symbol of rebellion against the Lannister, among other things, superceded the delight the Lannisters would no doubt get from his execution. Better to send him off to serve in the Night's Watch, ashamed and without title. But Joffrey, though he had initially appeared to accept this decision to spare Stark's life, and despite the fact that Stark humbles himself and accepts Joffrey's rule, pulls a last-minute change-up. He orders Stark beheaded. Which is maybe not the NICEST wedding gift a bride-to-be can receive, but certainly makes more of an impression than a gravy boat.

    (You've also got to love that Joffrey throws in a dig at over-emotional women right at the end, before ordering Stark killed. That dude is never going to get laid.)

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