Justice League Fan Cast People In TV
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Justice League Fan Cast

Now this is my fan casting for a justice league movie

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    age 38 the obvious choice for the man of steel. The only reason i don't have henry Cavill is because i haven't seen him and it would be dumb to rank him before the film comes out

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  2. 2

    age 41 Honestly he's proving that HE IS BATMAN (don't get the reference its alright it sucked anyway)

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  3. 3

    age 33 I think she the best choice to play the amazonian

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  4. 4

    age 43 Martian Mannhunter without a doubt

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  5. 5

    age 39 Although he didn't portray him they way he was in the comics he was fine in my opinion

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  6. 6

    age 38 Sense Green Arrow is getting a new portrayer why not have Justin play the King of Atlantis i mean was first considered for a the lead in the cancelled series

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  7. 7

    age 34 i'd love to see the dynamic between him and Reynolds so maybe he could be Barry All AKA the Flash

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  8. 8

    age 61 I could just seem him playing the adult version and saying SHAZAM

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  9. 9

    age 41 Hawkgirl maybe

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  10. 10

    age 45 Why not bring him back from Smallville

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