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KFC Secret Menu Items

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The best items at KFC aren't necessarily on the menu, but they are here on this list of KFC secret menu items. Got a craving for KFC? Did you know that KFC has a 'secret menu' that includes many items you won't find on the fast food restaurant chain's regular menu? Yeah, they totally do. And if you know exactly what to ask for, your taste buds are in for a delight! These off menu KFC items include poutine, secret bowl combinations, and the ability to add mashed potatoes to anything.

What's on the KFC secret menu? Read on to learn about some KFC secret menu items that you may be able to order at your local KFC. When in doubt? Just ask! If you like what you see on this list make sure to check out the Olive Garden hidden menu and the Red Lobster off menu items.

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    Doubling, Tripling Down

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    Ah, KFC's much-maligned Double Down: the sandwich that has only fried goodness, no bun. Well, there's a bun - but it's fried chicken. If the Double Down simply isn't enough to satisfy your craving, why not up the ante? Order a 'Triple Down.' Once your server has picked his/her jaw up off the counter, they'll likely help you out. Add an extra fried chicken piece, more bacon, more cheese - there you go, tripling down. Noms.

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