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Wow...I can hardly believe that Kings X is on top of the best bands that start with a K. Is there really that many fans here? These guys so deserve of the best three piece bands ever. Three great singers and musicians that put on one hell of a live show. Saw them in Omaha a couple years ago with about 200 or so lucky people...why so few for such a great band. I was so impressed traveled to Lincoln and saw them the next night....another 200 people. A band that should have been much bigger...I babble on...let's start a list...and check out the great tunes I've posted...and post more...
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    Over My Head

  2. 2
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    It's Love

  3. 3
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    Lost in Germany

  4. 4
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    We Were Born to Be Loved

  5. 5
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    The World Around Me

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