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Klout Tips and Tricks

Klout tips and tricks describe helpful ways to make the most of the online service that identifies and rewards the most influential people on the Internet for various topics. Just like in the real world, becoming the most influential person on a specific topic takes time and energy but understanding how Klout works and how to increase your Klout score ethically can go help.

Launched in September 2009, Klout grew from a simple idea from CEO and Co-Founder Joe Fernandez to an authoritative way to measure online influence used by over 100 million people daily. On the surface, the system is very simple. Each Klout user receives a daily score from 1 to 100 on how influential they are on the Internet. Digging deeper into how that score is calculated and how to increase it however is much more complicated.

Klout does not disclose the exact details of its score algorithm but it does explain to a certain extent what factors do and don't make that score move. For instance, they are happy to let users know about the various social networks that can be connected to Klout to influence a score as well as the fact that each network is weighed equally.

Without knowing the exact algorithm, there's still several ways to help increase your Klout score the right way. It's very similar to how you'd become influential in the offline world with things like building a targeted network, leading the discussion, staying active and engaging with other leaders in your field all great things that can help increase a Klout score.

Overall, Klout is not about separating the elite from the minions--the average Klout score by the way is only 20--it's about sharing interests with others who are passionate about the same things. Oh by the way, there's also a bunch of freebies, known as Klout Perks, that come with influence as well. Bragging rights and free stuff, not a bad combination!

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    Be Consistently Active

    According to a November 2011 interview, Klout.com CEO and Co-Founder Joe Fernandez explained that as the Internet has a short attention span, remaining consistently active is important to maintaining your Klout score. He said, "If you disappear for a couple of days or a week it can be a challenge. It's about finding that balance between being present without being noisy. If you talk too much people will tune you out. It's about finding that right tempo which is the biggest challenge."

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    Build a Targeted Network

    Increasing your Klout score comes with reaching and influencing people who are knowledgeable about the same topics you are. Accordingly, a sure-fire way to up your Klout score is to build a targeted network of great people who are influencers on the same topic you are and interact with them.

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    Don't Game the System

    There are over 50 different things that influence your Klout score. Obsessing over these factors or attempting to game the system into increasing your score is just lame and likely won't work. Same goes for stalking those with very high scores. Normal interaction with the elites is fine but spamming or begging them for Klout love is just creepy.

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    Forget the rumors that talking with people with lower Klout scores hurts you and interact with others in your area of expertise regardless of score. According to Klout.com CEO and Co-Founder Joe Fernandez, "anyone who engages in your content helps you, the more influential they are the more helpful it is."

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    Evolve with the System

    When Klout first started, CEO and Co-Founder Joe Fernandez calculated by hand the scores for the first 2,000 users to the site. That's certainly not the case anymore but represents how far the site has evolved. Many things have changed since those days including the secret algorithm that calculates your Klout score. As the site (and social media in general) evolves, you need to evolve with it if you want to stay ahead.

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    Find a Niche and Stick to It

    Spreading your eggs around is a wise move for some things but for Klout, picking one topic on which to focus your expertise is recommended. It's a lot easier to become an expert by doing great things related to one topic than trying to get noticed doing a bunch of little things in a dozen topics.

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