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LA City Names: What Do They Mean?

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The cities in the Los Angeles county area have some unique names, and most of them have interesting meanings behind them.

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    The name given to the local railroad station of the Southern Pacific in the mid 1870’s was taken from one the Actons in the east.
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    Literally means "Upper Dena," referring to its location relative to Pasadena. The name was applied in 1887.
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    Named after Juan B. Alvarado, governor of Mexican California 1836-1842.
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    Antelope Valley

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    Named for the graceful animal once found throughout California.
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    Atwater Village
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    Named for early resident Harriet Atwater Paramore.
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    Named for E.J. "Lucky" Baldwin.
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    Named for Juan Bandini, a powerful local ranch owner.
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    Bel Air

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    Named for developer Alfonso Bell.
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    Benedict Canyon

    Benedict Canyon
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    Named for Edson Benedict who filed a claim for the land.
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    Boyle Heights

    Boyle Heights
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    Named for founder Andrew Boyle
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    Spanish for "asphaltum" or "tar." Name given to the local Spanish land grant.
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    An Indian name, probably derived from the name of a local Indian village in the Cahuenga Pass
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    Canoga Park

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    Believed to be named after Canoga, New York, which derived its name from the Native American village Ganogeh.
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    Italian place name, "Castle by the Sea."
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    Centinela Adobe

    Named for the Rancho de la Centinela, owned by Daniel Freeman.
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    Named for 20th Century Fox Motion Picture Company.
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    Charter Oak

    A local large oak tree was said to have reminded someone of the famous Charter Oak tree in Hartford, Connecticut.
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    Named for Chatsworth in Devonshire, England.
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    Cheviot Hills

    Named by developers Forrester and Mc Connell who had Scottish backgrounds.
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    The present day name is actually a misspelling of the Spanish word "cienaga", meaning "marsh" or "swamp." The misspelling began with the name of the local ranch.

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