Lamest Superheroes Of All Time Fictional Characters
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Lamest Superheroes Of All Time

These are some of the dumbest Superheroes and comic book characters of all time. What was going through their creators minds when they were made I have no idea.
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    #2 on the original list His mutant power is, he has two pet maggots. Ummm, gross. When he died, I cheered.

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    #8 on the original list DC Universe He named himself after a Buffalo Wing Joint. Seriously, what kind of "hero" names himself after a wing joint. He also gets the living crap beat out of him on his first night out.

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  3. 3

    #29 on the original list Steel, DC Universe This one is on here more for the horrendous movie more than the comic, but come on, Shaq as an inventor?! Someone was high when they ok'd that casting.

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    #28 on the original list Marvel Universe You know what Black Goliath is good at? Being a cheap and uninteresting knock off of Ant Man, and dying. Yeah, he was really good at dying.

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  7. 7

    #22 on the original list Marvel Universe A half ass replacement for Captain America, US Agent was infused with the same super soldier serum as cap, but he's no Steve Rogers. That and nobody likes him, at all.

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  8. 8

    #26 on the original list Marvel Universe Several women have been known as Spider-Woman over the years, and Mattie Franklin is bar far the lamest. Having no previous connection to any of the Spider-Mythos (Which the Spider-women rarely do

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  9. 9

    #27 on the original list The "Heroic" Green Goblin. Lame. A kid stumbles upon one of the Green Goblins armories and uses it to try and fight crime. Yeah, parade around like a supervillian, see how that works out.

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  10. 10

    #13 on the original list Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle, Spawn, Spawn 2 Lame Spiderman ripoff with hell powers instead of spidersense.

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