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"Lawless" movie quotes follow the true life story of the Bondurant brothers who battle corrupt lawmen and each other during the Prohibition Era in Virginia. Based on the novel "The Wettest County in the World" written by Matt Bondurant about his grandfather and granduncles, "Lawless" tells the story of "when the law becomes corrupt, outlaws become the heroes."

Like many in that time, the Bondurant brothers, Jack (Shia LaBeouf), Forrest (Tom Hardy) and Howard (Jason Clarke), start their own bootlegging business to create whiskey during prohibition. Jack soon gets the taste for cash and begins working with a gangster, Floyd Banner (Gary Oldman), to sell their high quality liquor for a profit. This doesn't sit too well with the other brothers, who were not exactly consulted about the decision.

This all goes by the wayside though when the local law decides they want a cut of all the money the brothers are making from their illegal operation. Sheriff Hodges (Bill Camp) learns that taking on the Bondurants isn't going to be easy so he calls for the help of Special Agent Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce). As the two sides battle, the brothers fight to keep their relationships with each other and their romantic interests (Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska), from falling apart.

"Lawless" joins the summer 2012 movie season which also includes dozens of other hits such as "The Campaign," "The Babymakers," "Ted," "Celeste and Jesse Forever," "Madea's Witness Protection," "Magic Mike," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Dark Knight Rises."
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We Control Fear

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Forrest: "Here it is. As long as you are my brother, you will never let this happen ever again. Do you understand?"
Jack: "I didn't"
Forrest: "I don't think you do."
Jack: "What if I can't? I'm not good like you. I ain't never been like you."
Forrest: "It's all right. Jack, It is not the violence that sets men apart. It is the distance that he is prepared to go. Jack, look at me. We are survivors. We control the fear. But without the fear, we are all as good as dead."

In the middle of the battle between the law and the Bondurant family, there exists the three brothers whose relationship is tested. When Jack strays and goes out on his own, it's Forrest and Howard who are there to bring him back down to earth.
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Swanning Around Like You're Al Capone

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Jack: "That's two thousand dollars, minus my commission."
Forrest: "Look at you, swanning around like you're Al Capone."

After selling a great deal of their whiskey to Floyd Banner, Jack returns home looking for some praise from his brothers. Forrest however isn't too impressed with Jack's initiative.
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I'm A Bondurant

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Forrest: "I'm a Bondurant. We don't lay down for nobody."

Rather than letting the law take a cut of their profits, Forrest stands up to those looking to get into his business and vows to fight.
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Charlie Rakes

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Sheriff Hodges: "This here is a new special deputy. He been brought in from the city to help us out, make sure things go smooth."
Forrest: "What things might they be?"
Special Agent Rakes: "Hmph"
Forrest: "Sorry, something amuse you?"
Special Agent Rakes: "My name is Charlie Rakes. I'm from Chicago."
Forrest: "Pete, who the hell is this son of a bitch?"
Special Agent Rakes: "Me? I'm the one who's going to make your life real difficult from now on if you don't tow the line, country boy."
Forest: "Don't you ever touch me again."

In order to extort money from the Bondurant brothers' whiskey business, Sheriff Hodges enlists the help of a special agent, Charlie Rakes. The first meeting between Rakes and Forrest, as one would assume, doesn't go so well at all.
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I Know Who You Are

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Jack: "How'd you like to come for a ride with me sometime?"
Bertha: "I know who you are."
Jack: "Oh yeah, who's that?"
Bertha: "One of them Bondurant boys, my daddy says you boys are the worst thing ever to hit franklin."
Jack: "Tell your daddy I said hi."

Meeting love interest Bertha for the first time, Jack tries to court her with a few lines but little does he know, she's already well aware of his reputation around town, which isn't very favorable.
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Do I Get the Job?

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Maggie: "They say in town you're lookin' for someone to help out 'round the place. Well Mr. Bondurant, do I get the job?"

When the Boundurant boys said they needed some help, they surely didn't expect that person to be a beautiful woman and Forrest certainly didn't expect to fall in love with her either.
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You Ain't Gonna Survive

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Sheriff Hodges: "This is a war they're waging. You ain't gonna survive."

Sheriff Hodges knows plenty about the Bondurant boys' reputation around town. That's why he urges the boys to simply give up and bend to their demands. It was a nice try but far from successful.
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Sheriff Hodges: "There's a feeling around these parts that these Bondurants is indestructible."
Special Agent Rakes: "Do you mean immortal? Ha ha ha! Do you have any idea what a Thompson sub-machine gun does to a mortal?"

When meeting with Special Agent Rakes, Sheriff Hodges provides a quick preview of what's to come before they engage the Bondurant brothers. Agent Rakes however isn't even humored by the challenge in the slightest.